The Constant Gardner – “Love, At any cost”

Today in Netflix i had filtered the genres of movies by Thriller,Gritty, Suspenseful, emotional i came across a movie – ” The Constant Gardner”. After long long time i felt like writing about a movie after watching this and definitely wanted to write after watching some regional craps.

The Constant Gardner is a tough movie to pen down because though it’s not really about anything interesting, it has a lot happening in it.Its the way its happening.

The Constant Gardner is beautifully shot and wonderfully acted by a group of diverse Hollywood and international actors. Rachel Weisz displayed her acting skills to an extent which she surely gets nominated for any kinda award. That doesn’t mean they dominate the film though, everyone’s given their spot to shine. It’s an ensemble actor’s dream, a series of vignettes strung together in a way that maximizes their screen time. To experience more of this comments, lively …………………watch it!!!

That’s important to this film because the director tries  to make you gasp, to make you cringe, to have you sucking your breath in and wrinkling your brow and raging inside at the absurd carelessness of it all. Everyone in The Constant Gardner is shown to be powerful, to greater and lesser degrees, but the character who gets the shortest end of the stick is Tess(Rachel Weisz). You spend half the movie watching an unavoidable transaction with cruel destiny.

The director wants you to feel all the pain, to catch every nuance of meaning and The Constant Gardner is an art-house blockbuster in high-concept of present world. But the film is so rigid in concept, so intoxicated by what its director surely reckons to be a breathtaking humanism, that its meaning is allowed to flower in the viewer’s mind only when one finds room for ambiguity. The rest — children shot to death in the African desert — people being exploited and tested with drugs.

PS: really loved the Tagline of the Movie – “Love, At any cost”

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