The Game – Players Wanted

David fincher’s “The Game” took me by surprise how can any one convince the audience with what they are showing. Its gritty of course, but it was an awesome creation. I had a great weekend watching two awesome films.The Game has its flaws but they are quite minor and never distract from the dark beauty of this film.

It’s deeper than you can make a gimmick like this sound — and to be honest, it is just a gimmick — but it’s a gimmick that works. The movie, written and directed by David Fincher is vibrant and harrowing, unpredictable despite an ending long since given away. Unfathomably, the film gets progressively better as it goes along, and I found myself inching closer and closer to the edge of my seat throughout the movie

I had a laugh at the end thinking ” Bull shit ,is this all the movie about…”. But i spent my 2 hrs locked to my lappy watching this awesome piece of work

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