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After a long round of controversy in the field, Padmaavat releases to a raving response from the audience. To sum up the film, Padmaavat is a cinematic master piece. A lot of talk about the performances of the main lead, Ranvir as Alaudin Khilji, Deepika as Princess Padmavati and Shahid Kapoor as Ratan Singh but for me the highlight of the film however is its screenwriting. Let’s face it Padmaavat has a climax which most knew and the plot was a give away in the trailer but then every scene amazes you which makes you eager for a what-next movement? Sanjay Leela Bhansali once again proves his mettle with his writing. Sanjay Leela Bhansali is not just a fantastic director, writer and musician but yes, Bhansali is a great feeler. A writer-director must be able to feel emotions in real life order to project them on the screen. In fact most of his films serve as inspiration for many prospective writers- directors. A film should be able to evoke the emotions in you and make you feel numb in your throat and one can only do that if one were to be emotionally tuned in reality.
Sanjay leela Bhansali is an artistic legend undoubtedly but the big question is, is the subject important today. No! This is not a Karni-sena sympathising write-up. In fact Karni Sena have messed it up by not drawing political mileage out of this. Padmaavat is a pride of the Rajputs.
Take for instance, a scene, where in a war sequence the Khilji’s kill a fighting Rajput warrior, the warrior continues to fight despite being beheaded. For me Padmaavat is a true portrayal of the valour and courage of Rajput. But the truth is, in the process, the film might have the potentiality to stir up a communal clash. It’s a known fact that India was ruled by the Mughal and associate rulers for over 400 years and that they have plundered wealth, land and women. But that’s how the aspirations were back then. The problem with Padmaavat is it resurfaces the villain who haunted us many years back which only creates more hatred for the indirect descendants who have nothing to do with it now.
Padmaavat although a master piece is just not what the doctor ordered for the society now at this juncture. A film is not just a canvas for entertainment but also is a stimulant for many. Like, a film like Bombay showed how meaningless riots are and how it’s extremely important to have harmony. And that served as a stimulant for many instilling sense in the otherwise extreme mentality. As Osho rightly says, it’s easy to hate than to love as hatred is natural. A film or a piece of art shouldn’t directly or indirectly create hatred but stimulate positivity or at least boldly speak of the missing link in the society. But to retell a supposedly fantasy tale which villainies a section of the society indirectly is damage to the society and demeaning to a legendary thinker-artist- film maker who has so much to offer to us.

Let the politicians engage in dividing us, at least as non-politicians let us be aware that only in harmony there can be holistic and individual progress and development. And trust me, only that will bring food to the table and peace to the mind.
Padmaavat is cinematically awesome but socially awful.

– “Shanky” Shankar  

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Arjun Reddy

“Arjun Reddy” is a powerful film that explores the complex emotions of its lead character, Arjun, with captivating performances by Vijay Devarakonda and supporting cast. The film, directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga, showcases excellent character development and storytelling. The characters are brilliantly crafted and are depicted with such realism that the audience is drawn into the world of the film.

Vijay Devarakonda delivers a standout performance as Arjun, effectively conveying the character’s pain, prejudice, sorrow, happiness, anger, love, and other emotions. The director’s ability to create a relatable character that audiences can connect with is remarkable.

The film’s romantic scenes are tastefully shot, showing the pure hearted love of the protagonist without any vulgarity. The film’s background score is intense and perfectly matches the performance of the lead character, elevating the impact of the film’s emotional scenes.

Another noteworthy character in the film is Arjun’s friend Shiva, who serves as a source of stability and sensibility for Arjun. The dialogue in the film is well-timed and adds to the overall impact of the film.

In conclusion, “Arjun Reddy” is a must-see film for fans of powerful storytelling and captivating performances. The film’s realistic depictions of emotions, combined with excellent direction, dialogue, and background score, make for a truly memorable cinematic experience.

Thats all for now , signing off at 2:36 AM , but will surely write about this more.

PS: Vijay Deverakonda has created a new name for himself in Telugu cinema with his performance; and kudos to the director and his guts to make a film like Arjun Reddy.

I don’t know why the reviewers display so much misery that even ratings are given like 3.5, 3.75, 3.25

Give a full-hearted 5 to films that are over the top.

Arjun Reddy- 5/5

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Janatha Garage


Janatha Garage is a refreshing change from recent Telugu films, delivering a powerful and well-crafted script with standout performances from the lead actors. The film, directed by Koratala Siva, skillfully manages to steer clear of sentimental and emotional excess, instead focusing on character development and motivation. The protagonists, Anand (NTR Jr) and Satyam (Mohan Lal), are driven by the goal of helping people, which provides a clear and compelling narrative throughout the film.

The script is tight, avoiding unnecessary subplots or deviations from the central theme, and the characters are depicted with great care and attention to detail. NTR Jr’s performance as Anand is a standout, as he takes on a role far from his typical over-the-top, star-image portrayals. The background score is also noteworthy, adding to the intensity and impact of the film’s dramatic moments.

The film concludes with a satisfying and impactful final scene, which leaves the audience with a powerful message about the importance of helping others. Janatha Garage is a must-watch for anyone looking for a well-made film with memorable characters and a powerful narrative.

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Baahubali- The “Perfect” Beginning


Baahubali: The Epic Masterpiece that will go down in history!

Today, I had the privilege of witnessing one of the greatest films of our time. Baahubali is a true triumph of filmmaking that is sure to leave audiences in awe. Despite what some may say about the first half being slow or dragged out, I wholeheartedly disagree. The prelude was expertly crafted, establishing the protagonist, antagonist, and supporting characters in a way that sets the stage for the rest of the film. The director’s vivid imagination is evident in every frame, painting a world so real you’ll forget it’s not.

For those who felt the first half was dragging, I would say that they were likely expecting non-stop action from the beginning. But a good story requires more than just action – it requires character development, setting, and a clear path to the protagonist’s destiny. In Baahubali, Shivudu (Prabhas) sets out on a journey to find Avanthika, who inspires him. This sets up a perfect foundation for his character, showing the audience that he’s just an ordinary man with no inkling of what’s to come.

And now, onto the ending, which some say was abrupt. For me, it was the perfect way to wrap up the first half. I never expected Shivudu to be the one who killed Baahubali. This twist is exactly what I wanted to see, and it leaves me eager to find out what happens next. If Katappa had simply revealed Ballaladeva as the killer, the next installment would be predictable and less exciting. The ending keeps the audience guessing and makes us yearn for more.

The visual effects in Baahubali are simply stunning, but for me, it’s the story, writing, and originality that takes center stage. This film is not just a visual spectacle, like Avatar. It’s a story-driven masterpiece, like Lord of the Rings, where the plot and characters take priority over special effects.

The battle scene is a true spectacle, and you can tell that the filmmakers put their hearts and souls into it. The performances by Prabhas, Rana, and Ramya Krishna are nothing short of phenomenal, and the dialogues, while perhaps understated, are perfectly suited to the film. The music, while not exceptional, does its job in enhancing the scenes.

In conclusion, Baahubali has everything a blockbuster movie should have, and its grandeur is a testament to the filmmaking skills of director Rajamouli. I wholeheartedly agree with RGV’s words – it takes a certain type of bravery to make a movie like this in India, and its success cannot be measured solely by its financial gains. This is a film that will be remembered for generations to come, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a truly epic experience.