Adhurs – Movie Review

After a dramatic developments and suspense over the release of ADHURS the movie was out at last to entertain the Audience at my place (Hyderabad). Huge expectations from fans as NTR Jr’s movie after a long 1 yr break and the plushy Audio release function (such as a short Video of NTR and VVV) and leaving not the websites quoting it is made for competing Magadheera have made the movie’s result anxious. But the movie is like cat on the wall. Anything can happen. But the comedy part – it’s uproarious and rackety. This will be the saving grace for Adhurs.

Coming to the Story – it’s the story of twins (Narsimha and Narasimha Chari) who will be separated just after their birth and grow up in different instances in different families. Narasimha Chari will be separated from his mother and grown up in a Brahmin family and Narasimha will be with his mother. Narasimha will target the mafia in the city and takes the illegal money and divides between him and Sayaji Shinde. He strives to become SI of police so he works for Sayaji Shinde (Crime Branch). While Chari works with Bramhanandam (Bhattacharya) and performs poojas. Both have girlfriends Chari – Chandrakala (Nayana) Narasimha – Sheela. And another villain Aashih Vidyarthi will be searching for Narsimha. Why? And will these brothers know that they are twins forms the rest of the story with massive explosions and action sequences with hilarious comedy.

Performances – NTR Jr was good at portraying himself as Brahmin and had done his best. And the Narasimha character was done by ease as he was always good at it. Heroines were just involved in the story due to the six songs concept in this Telugu film industry. Heroines were ok for their appearance in the songs and nothing much to tell about them. Dances were good and some involved long steps which were easily done by NTR. Bramhanandam was really really fantastic, awesome, and hilarious and whatever it takes to tell that he was excellent. Can say the conversations and scenes involved Bramhanandam may be the saving grace for the movie.Mahesh Majrekar has made his presence as a bad guy with a comedy touch in the movie and was good.Tahnikella Bhrani was good at his role.MS Narayana and Raghu babu had done justice to their roles. Dont miss the scene where Brhami comes with a group of Pandits to question NTR about marriage – i was lost laughing like hell to that scene.

Technical department – Photography CK Naidu was good and songs pictuarization was pretty awesome Music by DSP was mediocre and in fact bad can say. They were just songs with good beats but cannot be hummed always by people. Many beautiful locations were very well captured in the songs. Action sequences were the best in the movie. Some stunts have exceptions but overall they were good. Coming to the Direction – it could have been better, having such a awesome comedy track the movie should have gone well till the end but what happened was the reverse the movie lost its track. May be the director has concentrated more on comedy, Venkat’s story was a complicated one but should have been handled well by the director.

Some of the negative aspects will hang to this movie , making the movie grab less points – such as the Visual effects – Why should a laptop be visualized instead can be used a real one. The invisible gun etc. Nazar’s role was just 5 min in the whole movie and that too without any effect. In the present world how can anyone show worst graphic techniques in spite of having good technology. But definitely climax has gone haywire. There is no word of emotional or sentiments in some scenes such as – When they come to know that they are twin brothers – here they will just talk casually planning for future, no emotions at all. Meeting their father also, had no emotions. How can the scripts be so loosely made without considering these points. Some actions sequences like the petrol tanker in the climax and one thing I don’t understand in any movies where the guns will be when people are fighting and from where immediately they appear shooting each other at the end of a fight? In this movie NTR will be fighting with 30-40 people hitting everyone and after 5 minutes of this drama guns appear – why not at the start of the fight? And in the climax action sequence where another NTR will close his eyes gets all the power and fights – hahhahha funny.

Bottom Line :- Go for the best part of the film – Comedy , and good acting by NTR Jr as Chari. But can say that comedy just cannot save the film. Wat say?

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  1. ss says:

    not reaching upto expected range…1st half looks good with brhamanandam…….but 2nd half lacks…and made the film slow……….

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