Nothing But the Truth – Truth is the most Dangerous Secret

MV5BMTI5Mzk0OTI0OF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNDU2ODUxMg@@._V1_SX214_I have created a likeness for the movies which are based on true events or true stories. Many films have made me a greatest admirer of such movies. And i must mention one of them is ” Nothing But the Truth”

It’s inspired by true events and is a explosive story about a Washington D.C reporter who faces a possible jail sentence for outing a CIA operative Agent and refusing to reveal her source.

I am not concerned about what the Truth is, but i am really impressed with the way the movie was made. This is not a kind of documentary, but it’s a gripping, dynamic drama exactly because of its grandstanding, given valiant support by unflagging talents( the cast in the movie). The lead character in the movie (the journalist) was powerful and brilliantly acted by Kate Beckinsale.

A man leaves his children and goes to a war, they erect a monument on him, A man leaves his family and goes to jail to protect his principle and they name a holiday on him, but if the same is done by a woman, then the woman is a monster. This is all what the movie is about. It is a celebration of the necessity of journalism.

This movie is, more than anything else, about her journey in coming to grips with the fact that personal life is at stake , and that the best she can hope for from here is the name of the Source is not revealed but she can go to jail for at least 2 yrs. Thats where the movie reaches the high pitch and the director has successfully shown the emotions and with the screenplay the audience can understand whats really in the minds of the characters portrayed in the film.

Nothing more to mention and just want to end it saying “its a spellbinding thriller , Do not dare to miss it”

About ramcsays

Well, BLOG- came to know recently why it is needed. People always ask why certain group of people always read blog and why they update blogs(even I was one among them). There were many answers but its natural that human tendency will not accept what he always was skeptical about and will have many questions, but he will be more than ever convinced if he himself finds an answer for that.Is it not? Well coming to me, I am Ram Chaitanya(easy access to my name say Ram C).I earn money by sitting in front of a computer(I simply mean that- but professionally).To give a classy name its called Software Engineer.I had worked for a MNC which was in news recently.But don’t know if what ever happens –just for ones goo’d(well, self satisfactory compilation) I have started working for another company due to some dramatical developments in the previous company.Well as of now leading a happy healthy life, but as a person I need to live a challanging life (not just sit in front computer ,earning money)but wanaa be passionate in something. Usee ke liye wait kar raha huu..(waiting for that moment) Coming to my hobbies … which is common hobby for majority of we indians , (yes u r right , we eat ,sleep and play).Its more than a religion – Its Cricket. Love it , love the way it is being played. As many ppl ask who is fav cricketer ,majority of them say it’s the Indian Legend- The Master Blaster-Sachin 10dulkar.Well I am not different from them even I say the same name if some one asks me the same question. Next my passion is movies-yes it has changed the way I think, it has changed the way I see the world(well see guys not just talking about Indian Cienema,hope u got it). I see a lot of movies and want to make a one my self (so, do u think it’s a bad idea, my answer –NO). And the thing which also interests is Indian Politics.Yes – You can start seeing my posts regarding the Indian Polictics and how they are played. Its strange to some ppl that policts ? passion? Yes its should be and has to be, if not we who should think –am I rite?
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2 Responses to Nothing But the Truth – Truth is the most Dangerous Secret

  1. choppernewt says:

    If you are in the mood for more political drama like this, you might enjoy the series “House of Cards.” I am about halfway through it, and it is not bad. It’s on Netflix Streaming.

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