Janatha Garage

1467875203-1879It’s been long time since I have written about some movie especially about a Telugu movie, well now I got a reason to come back and write again. The reason being the awesomeness in Janatha Garage script and casting. With recent lame and lackluster films made in Telugu, Janatha Garage came as an energy drink to lit up the dead enthusiasms in talking about Telugu movies.

I am not going to talk about what the story is about, how the cinematography is and reg the performances etc etc as it is irrelevant as by now you must have understood that I felt that the movie is superb. In the same way the script was also handled keeping the unnecessary elements out of focus (emotional dialogues, sentiments, love). Director main focus was the characterizations; build the character and take us thru it to show what his characters are upto.

When you show the intent of any protagonist of the movie, you should stick to it and should not deviate from the motive on which the character is built. I felt that is what Koratala Siva has done exactly which most of the directors often miss (or missed in recent Telugu films).Like in this movie, the main motive of the two leads is to help people and that is what needs to be shown on how they are going to achieve it. There are no family sentiments, attachments, as when a person is shown what his goal is focus on it.

Spoiler ahead – For example, when Anand(NTR) knows that Satytam(MohanLal) is his father’s brother, there is no emotion shown as Anand doesn’t have any attachment with Satyam’s family and no emotional dialogues between them. It was like, nothing personal just business and their business is to help people. Also when he comes to know that his parents are killed by someone, there is no revenge drama as that is not what he signed up for before joining Janatha Garage.

And with the last Dialogue the director killed it, and even when credits rolling , the director did not lose his grip on script and its understood when Anand’s aunt refrains Anand from going to help someone with some problem  as it’s a festival and Anand replies “ The festival is not celebrated at some one’s home”. Zhumm phat..

Two things to be mentioned apart from Astonishing performances from two lead characters and the  director’s skill, it’s the role NTR Jr decided to play far from his over the top, star image roles and last but not the least the back ground score.

A big thumps up for #JanathaGarage.



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