Baahubali- The “Perfect” Beginning


Baahubali: The Epic Masterpiece that will go down in history!

Today, I had the privilege of witnessing one of the greatest films of our time. Baahubali is a true triumph of filmmaking that is sure to leave audiences in awe. Despite what some may say about the first half being slow or dragged out, I wholeheartedly disagree. The prelude was expertly crafted, establishing the protagonist, antagonist, and supporting characters in a way that sets the stage for the rest of the film. The director’s vivid imagination is evident in every frame, painting a world so real you’ll forget it’s not.

For those who felt the first half was dragging, I would say that they were likely expecting non-stop action from the beginning. But a good story requires more than just action – it requires character development, setting, and a clear path to the protagonist’s destiny. In Baahubali, Shivudu (Prabhas) sets out on a journey to find Avanthika, who inspires him. This sets up a perfect foundation for his character, showing the audience that he’s just an ordinary man with no inkling of what’s to come.

And now, onto the ending, which some say was abrupt. For me, it was the perfect way to wrap up the first half. I never expected Shivudu to be the one who killed Baahubali. This twist is exactly what I wanted to see, and it leaves me eager to find out what happens next. If Katappa had simply revealed Ballaladeva as the killer, the next installment would be predictable and less exciting. The ending keeps the audience guessing and makes us yearn for more.

The visual effects in Baahubali are simply stunning, but for me, it’s the story, writing, and originality that takes center stage. This film is not just a visual spectacle, like Avatar. It’s a story-driven masterpiece, like Lord of the Rings, where the plot and characters take priority over special effects.

The battle scene is a true spectacle, and you can tell that the filmmakers put their hearts and souls into it. The performances by Prabhas, Rana, and Ramya Krishna are nothing short of phenomenal, and the dialogues, while perhaps understated, are perfectly suited to the film. The music, while not exceptional, does its job in enhancing the scenes.

In conclusion, Baahubali has everything a blockbuster movie should have, and its grandeur is a testament to the filmmaking skills of director Rajamouli. I wholeheartedly agree with RGV’s words – it takes a certain type of bravery to make a movie like this in India, and its success cannot be measured solely by its financial gains. This is a film that will be remembered for generations to come, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a truly epic experience.

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2 Responses to Baahubali- The “Perfect” Beginning

  1. choppernewt says:

    This sounds awesome!

    • ramcsays says:

      Chris, this movie is well made and it has also subtitles, i would recommend this movie to you and watch it when ever you get time.

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