Go Goa Gone

20130515-090528.jpgAfter making some Shor In the City, the southern director duo of Raj and DK have created quite a buzz with their next venture Go Goa Gone. The film is quite a new genre: Zomcom, for direct Indian audience who are not into US and UK zombie TV series and movies. The film is about how three friends bored with their lives, go for a fun ride to Goa and how they handle flesh eating, blood sucking zombies.

Hardik (Kunal Khemu), Luv (Vir Das) plan a Goa trip when the former loses his job and the latter his girl friend. They are accompanied by their roomie, an innocent Bunny (Anand Tiwari), unlike his roomies who smoke pot all the time. Luv meets Luna (most upgraded version :P) played by Puja Gupta of Faltu fame, and tries hitting on her and later Hardik follows suit. The movie is routine until the Zombies hit the screen, but you are never left high and dry, the hilarious lines and local slang expletives provide the laughs. A new drug is launched in a party organized by Russian Mafia in a nearby island, it supposedly makes them super high and numb; it turns people into zombies. All the hell breaks loose and zombie fun begins then as the three friends and Luna along with Boris (Saif Ali Khan) are the only humans left on the island. How Saif helps them escape the zombie bite and getout of that island is the rest of the story.

Kunal and Vir Das share awesome on screen bonding as best buddies and they succeed everytime they try to make you laugh. Special mention for Kunal Khemu as he pulled off his role very easily, it is his breakout performance where audience go crazy watching him. Anand looks apt as the innocent guy and delivers his lines well. Puja Gupta looks hot in bikini and cool otherwise. She actually has nothing much to do except hold a gun and be a tomboy, while a rocking Saif and his boys steal the show. Saif easily looks Russian mafia with his Russian kinda English and his bleached hair. Although, the movie posters have him ahead of the other guys in the film, its actually Kunal and Vir Das whose lines you remenisce with your friends and laugh out loud. Saif should be appreciated for accepting this small role (although, for her sis’s beau, Kunal). This movie needed someone like Saif to catapult it to a big movie status and big openings.

The other departments have all done a good job. This is one of those movies where almost everything falls in place; the songs are a rage on MTV, the background score – simply apt for a fun on the run movie, the cinematography – Goa…!! its a beautiful landscape and an awesome party place captured true to its sense. The way the director duo captures the hilarious ‘those awkward silence moments’ between a lovely couple before the guy makes his move, shows the directors’ imagination and reminds you of your teenage romance. Simply put, the directors have done a great job instilling a Zombie adventure with a perfect right dosage of the fun and the frolic pill.

Go for it dude..!!


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