Gunde Jaari Gallanthayyinde

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Post Ishq Nithin has gone for a complete image makeover. He is choosing scripts which suit his neat and boy next door looks. He essays one such cool role in GJG. Undoubtedly, situational comedy is the USP of the movie and the actors respond well with good comic timing to the director’s convincing narration of a tentaively confusing story.

GJG begins with hero falling for Shruthi, played by Isha Talwar, and gets her phone number through his friend Pandu, played by Ali. Karthik (Nithin) notes down the wrong number which happens to be Nithya Menon’s phone number. All through the first half Nithin uses a bag of tricks to win Shruthi’s heart on phone, while he actually is talking to Nithya Menon. Meanwhile Karthik helps his friend Madhu, played by Madhunandan, win the heart of his dreamgirl which coincidentally happens to be Shruthi. Interval bang turns out to be interesting as the mix up is realized by Nithin. How he sets things right and who he chooses ultimately, Shruthi or Nithya forms a hilarious and bit emotional second half.

Direcor Vijay Kumar does a great job in treating a confusing subject with right dose of humor. He made sure Pawan Kalyan’s fans (who would boost the movie’s business) are thouroughly entertained by remixing Power Star’s song and fusing the famous Kushi interval bang scene into the script very hilariously. The gay comedy scene might be a little too much to digest for family audience, but its okay. He just caters for what audience look for, comedy that gels with the story. Music by Anoop Rubens is not great, but never sounds sour. Couple fo songs need a special mention, the Pawan Kalyan’s remix song, which makes u tap your leg and the title song, which you might hum for a few nights after you watch the movie. Cinematography, camera work are good. The audience might not mind a sharper pair of scissors for editing.

Coming to performances Nithin passes as the lover boy with ease. He dazzled in dances, especially in the Tholi Prema remix song. But its Nithya Menon, who steals the show in the second half with few grey shades to her character. She is a natural actor and looks cute with her expressive eyes, sounds cute too as long as she dubs for herself. She just has to take care of her costumes to hide a few extra pounds, made obvious by her short stature. Madhunandan bags a meaty role and does not let the director down. Infact, he churns out many funny dialogues with good comic timing. Thagubothu Ramesh has a few hilarious punch lines too. Nothing much Isha Talwar does, what she does is good enough for her role. There is an item song where Jwala Gutta tries to set the dance floor ablaze, but falls flat as nothing more than a cheap skin show, which the censor board took care of. One wonders if she looked better on Badminton court.

Add another successful movie to the long romcom genre of Telugu Film Industry. The movie is a clear winner providing laughs for the entire family and a cool 2.5 hours in this hot summer. Enjoy it.

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