Ragada – i dont know why did i see this Movie!!!

1 Hero + 2 Heroines + 4 villains + 6 Songs some of them unnecessary + Some irrelevant dialogues + some exposing in the songs + fights + non emotional sentimental scenes + a non touching flash back , a huge fighting scene in the climax = RAGADA.

I think you must have understood by now how the movie is made, I don’t know why Nagarjuna has accepted this offer? If he was interested in making a mass film – then this movie was not a good choice. Some people say that this is a movie made for Mass Audience, does Mass Audience like these kinda movies? I don’t think so, just out of curiosity I asked a person whom these people say C center’s Audience, he said “em teesadu anna – inka enni rojulu choodali ilantivi” . That’s what happened with Ragada. Then for whom this movie is made? Not for Nagarjuna fans for sure. If he really wanted to do a so called Mass film – he would have followed the same as “King”, “Don” at least.

Introduction of Nagarjuna to show his heroism (it was just like he was not hitting the people, but like people coming and standing in front of him to get beaten up by him) was not a great entry. And in one dialogue something like “Manchiki Cherugada , cheddavallaki Ragada” what???? why cherukugada came in between, oh ok got it was introduced as its rhyming for Ragada. These dialogues are placed at a pace in this movie. And in many movies I think what will happen to Guns when some action sequences go on in the movies. All will just leave their guns aside and just go in front of the hero and get beaten up. The last fight and a fight just before Intermission.  And coming to the most embarrassing thing in this movie – Songs, just a small conversation between hero and heroine, then heroine stares him with all smiles and songs. Abbahhaa.

The best part of the movie is Brahmanandam’s intro, it was really amazing, it was better than Nag’s entry and of course we can say one of the best for Brahmi. He was totally amazing, if he has something to do in this film, he will be – may be the saving grace for the movie. His expressions, dialogues and witty things in the movie are the best. Definitely one of the best comedy performances by Brahmi in recent times. One dialogue I recollect with all expressions he says “Don’t laugh Sireesha don’t laugh to his jokes” it was amazing and only he can do it. Songs by Thaman.S were ok , except the foot tapping number sung by Baba Sehgal. That’s it folks, I enjoyed watching Kedi than watching Ragada. So this is it!!. I liked Kedi than this movie.

Bottom Line: Some people may like but I didn’t like it and u know how cutlet Ragada or Samosa Ragada will be made? Adding mirch masala , onions and meeta etc…. But if anything is added more than what is required. Then it will be definitely spoiled.

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2 Responses to Ragada – i dont know why did i see this Movie!!!

  1. Harinath says:

    i hav been thinking what to comment here and came up with this…
    ‘RamC wasted some space in wordpress writing a review abt ragada which dnt desreve at all’

    did i wastd some more space by leaving this comment? 😉

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