Are we in Safe hands?

God where are we?

Its back in 1992 Dec 6th, the day the Babri Masjid fell. Just ( is it so) after 17 years we had a report which was prepared under the angry man Justice Manmohan Singh Liberhan.

Everything is ok but the Indictment of a person and making him one of the responsible for the demolishing of the Masjid is undigesting.

It’s regarding the Indictment of the person who sacrificed his life for building a better nation, who has made India proud in many ways, our Former Prime Minister Shri .Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

I think this was never a hard task for the Congress to make the report written as per their wish, inclined to them and making anti BJP (this was ok – but involving this great person’s name is awful).

As a famous leader said that congress has changed the full form of CBI (Congress Bureau of Investigation), the party which made a national level organization as their personal this was never a tough task.

This is a max level at which any party can play politics to suppress a party totally.

In my opinion this was made just to suppress BJP, this is one of many cruel politics played by congress.

Is any other person having that amount of energy and the credibility that Shri Vajpayee had when he the Prime Minister? No one!!

Some of the examples of how irresponsible our Govt is

  1. Who leaked the report? (Mr. P. Chidambaram responds to this question – says “I will never do such a foolish thing, and I don’t know how it got leaked to the Media”)

If he says that without his concern the confidential report has gone out – this shows what level of credibility he has on the Home Ministry Office)”. This is just one of many

How can we be sure if many imp and confidential documents in the Home Ministry are safe?

Response of many leaders when they came to know that Shri. AB Vajpayee’s name was indicted in this report.

“If my name is indicted , I will take it as a challenge , but when Mr. Vajpayee’s name had been mentioned , I felt , it was his duty to demand that the truth made available to all and the report placed in parliament” – L.K. Advani.

BJP could not remain silent and “live with” accusations that the former Prime Minister Mr. Vajpayee was indicted, we put a question mark on the credibility of the report itself.

–          Sushma Swaraj.

“We could not tolerate the suggestion in the leaks that Mr. Vajpayee was indicted.

-Left Parties.

I am shocked at Vajpayee’s indictment, this cannot be true, he is the liberal face of the BJP.

–          Amar Singh ( Samajwadi Party)


The congress wants management by postponement. Whether it is Sacchar, Ranganath Mishra, Sri Krishna or Liberhan. It only knows how to setup a commission but does not implement anything.

–               Amar Singh (Samajwadi Party).

Guys we all know how our country is running now we cannot make it still worse. This is the only country which has a Prime Person than the Prime Minister (I think I am clear reg whom I am talking about). Prime, it is the highest position, but ……..this will never end.

Going to write an article about my favorite leader Shri .Atal Bihari Vajpayee- his goal, his vision, his credibility, his leadership skills what not to say….

Bottom Line– I have written this with not a perfect plan or strategy, wrote what came to my mind, this may be uneven but I mean everything what I have written here.

Are we in safe Hands??????—–>

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