Arya-2 Movie Review

It’s not a sequel but definitely some shades of the first movie are clearlyvisible. May be it’s the same Arya who is diffferent.It should have been Arya-2009.

Well coming about the story – the same characters Arya, Geeta, Ajay and Shanti. The same love triangle but in here Arya played an Isosceles Triangular Love Story. Here in this movie he has given equal importance to both. He wanted his best friend (Ajay) and his (Arya’s) lover (Geeta) love to be successful. Initially this movie has introduced Arya in a psychic character and who doesn’t know what he wanted and even he would not understand his mind. And like many other Telugu movies the heroines (Geeta’s) father is a factionist and he wanted his daughter’s marriage with someone else. Now the original characterization of Arya starts in the movie, how will he handle the whole mess till the last.

Coming to the good points of the movie the Movie is made rich which pure technical values. The cinematography was good. The songs were the highlight of the movie. Allu Arjun’s style will be really a matter of discussion (but the hair part was not that good to Arjun). The dance sequences were good. Acting wise all were good. Comedy was ok.

But the movie lagged in some parts where there was not a clear meaning for the movie. First of all we should discuss about the point that – Arya loves his best friend Ajay very much but when he comes to know that Ajay likes Geeta why should he indulge in a false play? Or I can put in simple thing that Why should he love Geeta when his friend is in love? (May be the characterization of the hero has substantiated it but not that strongly). And gravely the director wanted to make Arya character good by showing the other person defective – how can this be? Just for heck of making the character of Arya confusing there were unnecessary elements included in the movie (Especially the scenes after the marriage of them both, the discussion on the first night). Leaving everything aside all we can say that Arya is not psychic but he was made confusing for entertainment. (That’s foul play).

Coming to some of the interesting things in the movie was – the ‘ringa Ringa’ song – and as expected the lyrics are altered. Kajal was beautiful as she always was. Shradha das was unnecessary for that role –the same old shanti would have suited. The movie was stylish and was good to watch on the screen but some of the aspects made the movie go down and some scenes have really tried to compensate the negative points.Definetly the second half is saving grace for the movie.

Bottom Line – I am confused whether I liked the movie or disliked the movie.May be its hallucination that I liked the movie but I disliked the movie. (To understand this, what I have written here go watch the movie, if you think why should I understand and go and watch the movie you should definitely use your consciousness to know what is happening on the screen.) On the whole the movie is COOL.

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12 Responses to Arya-2 Movie Review

  1. Lalitha says:

    One question:what disorder do u have,since u are a software eng :p

  2. Lalitha says:

    I mean her character,she is such a player 🙂

  3. Lalitha says:

    moral of this movie – everyone has a mental friend like alluarjun,and a enka koncham mental friend like navadeep…and a wired
    girl like just teasing

  4. yalkur says:

    character analysis anta lite… impossible to please all people.. dey tried somthing new wid grey shades 4 a hero…lets appreciate and njoi de movys gud… k

    • ramcsays says:

      @Yalkur: Definetly its impossible to please all and i am one of them, my point is they pleased all by Arya, which is simple and to the point. If it is only for entertainment then why not at the end also to show the same shades of the hero, why to show traces of love???, which is neva shown in the movie as meaningful. Its shown as just a word to get rid of another.

  5. maddy says:

    not only you i was also in hallucination why the cartoon cover car was used one time by aryaa and the other time it was used by ajay i didnt get the clarity.

    • ramcsays says:

      @Vamsi – Hey dude,thats also a point, it was actually like i was watching a cartoon movie. That car – the chase – and in one scene where a charcater called 9th floor taking brahmi’s car.Evrything..but dude the movie is a hit.

  6. harish says:

    Good one. Exactly what even I was thinking of the movie from the point when I left the theatre. Infact I was confused whether the movie is good or not.

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