Why a difference?

When protests are going on all over the state especially students – Then why police are just watching a game unlike in Hyd where they trashed the Students who went on strike and protests? Police entered the campus and trashed students in a way that many of them were in hospitals. But when people are burning down the buses and doing protests and threatning people at public places(unlike students who protested in their campus itself – why the police are not acting in the same….Any Answer? or Any reason behind this? Or the answer is just because people are students are different at different places and should be treated differently. If that is the case then what is wrong in students in OU asking for what they are asking????????

If hyd is considered as Union Territory , will the protests in Non Telangana regions( where people protesting for Samayka Andhra) will contionue? I think def – NO they will stop , as this mess is only for Hyd. So why dialouges like ” Telugu vallandaru kalise undam – Annadammulla Undam( we will be togehter like brothers… and sisters).

P.S : I am not against anything  and for anything, but a question was tickling in my mind.And seeing the worst politics played ever.

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2 Responses to Why a difference?

  1. chandra says:

    What you had written it might be true that the protests might stop, if they declare Hyderabad as a union territory and in my view there are some things.

    When Andhra was separated from Madras like some 53 years ago they made Kurnool as capital of the state and later Hyderabad state and Andhra combined with Hyderabad as capital and after that if we see the change in Hyderabad is massive in terms of everything.

    I just want every one to consider one point if Hyderabad was not made as the capital then kurnool would have been the capital or some other city which would have been developed and truly andhra and rayalaseema need compensation now if telangana is separated and there will be again havoc in Andhra and Rayalaseema regarding the capital whether it has to be in Andhra or Rayalaseema.

    • ramcsays says:

      @Chandra: Yes Dude what you have said is true, then the politicians didnt know this that sometime if we ignore telanga, it will reach a saturation point and future may be in trouble…..

      When GO610 was released by NTR Govt it has been implemented in just less than 2 weeks in rayalaseema, and Andhra(not sure how much time it has taken there), but all the employees from other regions returned to their places. But they never implemented in Telangana. How ppl in telangana will bear this? In mid 90’s there was a article that JNTU was admitting only Andhra students with proofs, but it was then suppressed (NCBN’s time).

      There were many issues like this.. and it is mainly due to the leaders who ruled our state. They are responsible for this chaos. In telugu i can say that ‘Tappu Evaridi’???.

      And why Hyd was made capital, its not becoz they wanted to make a Telangana city a capital, its just becoz Hyd was ruled by Nizams, and they had many resources left, huge buildings, developed city than any city in state so they took this as an reason and made Hyd as capital.(the Assembly now is from time of Nizam) and many such constructions. And as we all know how Nizams were (lavish) and this was the reason. many such consturctions industries are now under Govt control so they made HYD as capital.

      So i think i have answered ur questions. And also any further comments also welcomed. we can discuss…

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