Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani – A Sour Cocktail.

Ajab-Prem-Ki-Ghazab-Kahani1Have you ever had a cocktail, mixture of all juices and when it touches your tongue, you will have a different taste. Same is the case with this movie, mixture of many movies given in a new package. Well here cocktail is given in a stylish cup in fact a colorful cup, I mean the actors in this movie (Ranbir and Katrina). Even when you have a cocktail you will feel a new taste but this movie was no new except in the cast and the locations. Well, its interesting that Rajkumar Santoshi has made this movie mixing all hit scenes in many movie. Raj why did you make this movie? I think you made this movie to make people think and scratch their heads thinking, ‘In which movie I have seen this scene?’

Well coming to the story line, I will put this in the form of an equation. Prem (Chopra) loves Jenny (Jennifer – Katrina), But Katrina loves  Rahul (Upen Patel). But Father of Rahul is a villain not accepting their love, so it becomes  Rahul (Villain in between) Jenny , but Ranbir as a lover wanted Jenny to be happy so he kidnaps her and takes her to Rahul ( guys have you seen Telugu block buster Arya). Now it will be too clear what it is about. At last Rahul + Jenny – Prem, An inequality. So the director has solved this inequality by removing Rahul from the above equation and adding Prem, now it has become Jenny+Prem. And at last as I expected the climax ends in the marriage of Jenny with Rahul, the same old concept of heroine saying ‘No…………. I don’t love you, I love Prem” What the F!@#.

I really want to see that type of situation in real life when the bride realizes after she is tying knot with the other person. Hmmm think about (Namaste London, Mujhe Kuch kehna hei, Arya, Nuvve Kavali, Ready, current etc). But I think that is possible only with film makers. As in real life people are at least little intelligent and realize that they love some other person and the marriage will not be going onto the sets. (I definitely mean how the characterization of the heroines is up to in the Indian movies).

Well there are couple of good points about the movie, like the Comedy (only in some parts of the movie), the songs and the picturisation of the songs, the hero and the heroine. The dialogue of Prem’s dad in the end fighting sequence was humorous and the best I have seen in this movie. In one scene Sallu Bhai enters, (Even if this happens truly in real life I can say that Katrina is my close chap and when I call her as Katy she comes near and talks to me and saying to my friends that ‘ He is my close chap’ ). How AJAB scene.( nee to see the movie to understand).

Coming to technical department the cinematography was awesome especially for the song ‘Tu Jaane na…’. The music was good (Pritam), background (Salim – Suleiman) – Not noticed. The screenplay fell flat, didn’t understand some scenes in the movie like how Katrina got kidnapped, and the scenes where a comedy scene appears and then suddenly out of that conversation the movie goes emotional. The comedy in some parts of the movies was ridiculous where I felt I laughed 10 years back for such type of comedy and there is nothing to laugh in this movie, not even smile. The climax comedy was gone haywire. Acting wise Ranbir was too good and katty has improved a lot lot lot. And there was nothing Ajab with Prem as he was clear that he loves Jenny , but Ajab was Jenny who doesn’t know whom she was loving, I thought the title should be re-written as Ajab Jenny Ki Ghazab Kahani.

Bottom Line: – Well, they should have made an animated movie with this kind of script as children would have liked it more. Yes it was made for children.

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