1 Minute to save the world!!!


Hey,now i am posting here a link where you can see a short film about “How to save Planet Earth”. We have done this for a competition ‘1-Minute to save the world’

You can see the website here –http://www.1minutetosavetheworld.com/2009/10/planet-earth.

Also visit this website to know more.

Please rate the movie as your rating is very valuable to us.And if you like please pass it on to your friends.Hope they also like it and rate it.

Also present in you tube.


Please do rate, your rating is vsave_the_earthery valuable.

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2 Responses to 1 Minute to save the world!!!

  1. Ram C says:

    I need ppl to go to that site and rate it there.If i embed here i think that they rate in the youtube.Rating in that website are counted.

  2. curdriceaurora says:

    You can embed the youtube video on your post.

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