Ek Niranjan – Movie Review

EkNiranjan03_800_230909Puri is back with a commercial entertainer pitching in Prabhas in the leading role and introducing bollywood bombshell Kangana Ranaut in this action packed flick. Well Puri has done this movie on contractual basis with Aditya Ram movies. So maybe it looked like he was forced to pen down this script without any experimentation. It’s the same characterization of the hero’s character like his previous films with some more attraction to it.

Coming to the storyline Chotu (Prabhas) estranged from his parents at young and involved in a kind of slum dog’s beggary theme. He hands over criminals to police and makes money while he grows up. He meets Sameera (Kangana) in a incident where he hands over her brother to the police. And the chemistry continues and as usual he will be involved in chaos of the villain Jaggu Bhai (Sonu Sood) and the story continues with both of them encountering throughout the movie till the end. At the end he finds his parents.

Well here nothing to mention about the story line but the thing to be mentioned here is the characterization of the Hero and the Villain. Prabhas was extraordinary in his role as Chotu and no doubt that he has done it well, in fact awesome. His dialogue delivery has made people clap in the cinemas. The fights and the violence sequences were very handled by him and the body language was perfect package for him in this role. Coming to the villain characterization Sonu Sood has done really well as a rowdy with a bit of comedy touch. It was a kind of psychopath character but he was not a psycho. May not be equally to be mentioned when compared to the hero but definitely will be a reason if the film is going to be a hit. The heroine’s character was ok and hmm anybody would have suited for that role, so nothing to be discussed. The humorous part of the film has gone haywire. (I think maybe this is the effect of the rush in scripting by the director where he intends to complete the film and should go on to the cinemas ASAP due to contractual agreements with the producer).

The technical department was at its best and no negative about that. The stunts are a major asset for the movie and were shot very well unlike those were in Bujjugadu. The fighting sequences were very well shown and those suits only for those who have a body language like Prabhas. The music was scored by Mani Sharma and as usual good tunes can say very well. The title song is simply awesome. Movie involved a song with Michael Jackson’s Dangerous tune with Telugu lyrics and it was a tribute to the King of POP (Listen to the lyrics carefully and they are meaningful).

Bottom Line: – Go watch it once its nowhere boring, can give a try.

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2 Responses to Ek Niranjan – Movie Review

  1. ramcsays says:

    @Srikanth: Its not similar, its the song which the same tune of MJ’s Dangerous song, in which Lyrics were written praising MJ as what was he and what he did and how fabulous he was. In the movie the song was ” Hey Nartanatara…. He Suswaradhara…………” . In the movie the song includes the clippings of many MJ’s albums.Only a model will be dancing to the song. Its just like remembering and showing the greatness of the KING of the POP – MJ.

  2. srikanth says:

    Ram , which song is similar to MJ’s song …

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