IngloUrious BastErds – GloUriously Made

Well another movie has been added to my best movies Inglourious_Basterds_posterI have seen in my life till now. Movie with sedulous pursuit and which is honed in every section of the film. I can say it is the result of perfect script and that script which was worked on by the director for nearly a decade. The characters were fanatically made. The dialogues are awesomely written and the humor part was a different kind which involved a serious situation and there was a mixture of humor in it. A perfect masterpiece. Ahh…. Stop reading this review I think you better watch it as it is worth watching rather than just reading this review.

The movie starts off in the backdrop of German occupied France with a Nazi colonel Hans Landa (played by Christoph Waltz) killing a Jewish family and leaving a girl of that family for mercy. Now a group of Jewish American soldiers (The bastards) is formed and plan to enter the land of France occupied by Germany. The head of the group Raine (Brad Pitt) has a plot to kill the Nazis ghastly (mainly trouncing) to make the Germans know their presence. The girl Shosanna (who was left with mercy by the colonel) plans a plot to burn the cinema which she owns as there was a German premiere and which would be attended by many superior Nazi officials including the Fuehrer. And at last the girl and the Bustards are successful in their plot leaving Shosanna to death.

Well this itself is not the movie as every character and every scene in the movie was overwhelming. Especially the character of Colonel Hans Landa played by Christoph Waltz was with a surge of ordinance. All the characters are given equally important and are really important as you cannot miss any of the scenes in the movie. A shootout sequence in a bar was simply awesome (watch in a cinema to enjoy the sequence). The technical part of the movie… hmmm just go watch to have it experienced. The climax has its own glamour.

The scenes I liked in the movie are i) The bar sequence (especially the part when one of the Nazi official asks for 3 glasses will not use thumb) ii) The Climax the unknown developments in the movie when the Colonel comes to know that a plot is made against the Fuehrer to kill him was dramatically made. Hats off to the director and the script writer.

This is the best example of a great film which solely depends on the script and the characterization and lets wait and see how many awards is it going to bag in the year including the Academy Awards.

Bottom Line: – Two way thumbs up for the movie which is gloriously made. – Its the INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS.

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Well, BLOG- came to know recently why it is needed. People always ask why certain group of people always read blog and why they update blogs(even I was one among them). There were many answers but its natural that human tendency will not accept what he always was skeptical about and will have many questions, but he will be more than ever convinced if he himself finds an answer for that.Is it not? Well coming to me, I am Ram Chaitanya(easy access to my name say Ram C).I earn money by sitting in front of a computer(I simply mean that- but professionally).To give a classy name its called Software Engineer.I had worked for a MNC which was in news recently.But don’t know if what ever happens –just for ones goo’d(well, self satisfactory compilation) I have started working for another company due to some dramatical developments in the previous company.Well as of now leading a happy healthy life, but as a person I need to live a challanging life (not just sit in front computer ,earning money)but wanaa be passionate in something. Usee ke liye wait kar raha huu..(waiting for that moment) Coming to my hobbies … which is common hobby for majority of we indians , (yes u r right , we eat ,sleep and play).Its more than a religion – Its Cricket. Love it , love the way it is being played. As many ppl ask who is fav cricketer ,majority of them say it’s the Indian Legend- The Master Blaster-Sachin 10dulkar.Well I am not different from them even I say the same name if some one asks me the same question. Next my passion is movies-yes it has changed the way I think, it has changed the way I see the world(well see guys not just talking about Indian Cienema,hope u got it). I see a lot of movies and want to make a one my self (so, do u think it’s a bad idea, my answer –NO). And the thing which also interests is Indian Politics.Yes – You can start seeing my posts regarding the Indian Polictics and how they are played. Its strange to some ppl that policts ? passion? Yes its should be and has to be, if not we who should think –am I rite?
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