Ninnu Kalisaka – Movie Review

Starring: Santosh, Chaitanya, Jagapathi Babu, Pi11vmwpy copya, Deepa, Krishnudu and others

Director: Sivanageswara Rao

Music: Sunil Kashyap

Release date: 02 October 2, 2009

Another flick from Usha kiron movies which has introduced 4 new budding actors to Tollywood. Ninnu Kalisaka shows the difference between love and friendship between and concludes saying “First Love is the Best Love”.

Coming to the story the movie portrays the fickle mindedness of two couples who are not matured to take a decision. Abhiram (Santosh) and Deepthi (Deepa) is a couple and Chandu (Chaitanya Krsihna) and Pia (Bindu) is another couple. Abhiram and Bindu go abroad on a professional trip to handle project. They become good friends and their friendship slowly develops into more and not sure if are they really in love and by the time the project is over, they feel that they are in love. And at home Deepthi and Chandu become good friends and just friends. They are clear about their relationship. Now the rest go watch on screen how are they are going to conclude their perceptions about each other.

The performance of all the new actors was good and they have really good future and should definetly concentrate on their minus points. Santosh and Pia have some scintillating chemistry scenes which are shot in Malaysia and Singapore. Santosh has shown confidence and has good potential to perform to his best. He was good at dances and a little bit of home work on expressions will take him to greater heights. The rendition work involving Chaitanya and Deepa were good and they have done good job. Chaitanya was also good at dancing and got the opportunity in two songs (he played) to project his talent and should work on the dialogue delivery. Deepa was looking like a cute beautiful girl. Pia was good at every point.

Coming to the technical department, first thing to be mentioned here is the music for this movie. It was really awesome especially two songs “Dil Se…” and “Mounam Manasulona…” Two songs were foot tapping. And background score was a good job. The photography was good and dialogues were adept.

Besides all of this somewhere the salt in the dish was little less. Some scenes in the movie looked erratic and this may fetch the movie less ratings. The direction department should have taken more care with screenplay and other scenes especially when dealing with a new bunch of artists. The concept was good and should have been projected very well in some parts like narration and screenplay. The comedy has gone haywire. Not sure how a director like Sivanageswara Rao who made good comedy movies like ‘Money’, ‘Pattukondi Chooddam’ ‘Mr. and Mrs. Shilaja Krishnamurthy’ can go baseless on comedy tracks.

The movie ends with a message for this current generation and the way the message conveyed to them through Jagapathi Babu was a different kind of ending. The few scenes of Santosh with Jagapathi Babu were not looking like conversation between them rather it was he(Jagapathi) was conveying a message to the audience and  The director himself played the role of Baba (Love Guru)who calculates the steps followed by lovers. He was made up to look like Amitabh Bachhan. (Heard in an interview from the director that they were planning to pitch in the Big B himself for the character but the budget didn’t allow the big task). But is there really an oppurtunity for Big B to accept this role?????? Definetly no.

 Bottom Line:- It’s a flick in which the new budding talented actors have shown their potential and are in renown spots and can say as an epitome that not all the movies will be unerring.

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  1. Srikanth says:

    Nice review ram …!

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