Today was the day

13Today was the day in INDIA, when Indians were watching Pakistan Vs Australia rather than watching a match in which INDIA was playing.

 Today was the day when all Indian cricket fans were supporting Pakistan.

 Today was the in day INDIA, may be many were praying that Pakistan must and should win over Australia.

Today was the day where majority in INDIA were on Pakistan side. Do you think that this may happen? Or did you anytime expect that this situation will occur? I did not.

Yes its true, this day may or may not come in future again and no rules saying that this occurs every damn number of years. Yes today 30/09/2009 – Wednesday was a day when Pakistan cricket team has got Indian supporters for their match against Ausies.

This dependency had happened many times for INDIA but never with Pakistan.

When Rana was bowling block holes and Yorkers in the last overs of the match everybody were cheering. When Misbah saved a boundary saving three runs ,today he looked like a hero , Younis khan has got full support not only from supporters from India and Pakistan but also , may be a huge support from BCCI as an INDIAN captain gets.

As mentioned by the commentator for this match Pak (vs.) Aus (don’t know who he was) but said the right thing that “Every Television in India is on and they are watching this match and not the match which INDIA was playing against West Indies”. All media channels were portraying the same point and even the Aakashavani was no exception.

And guyz this is cricket and the champion can be only one and they are worth it to be called so. And winner can also be only one in any game and this time in cricket it was Australia (who left behind INDIA and rushed into semis).And next it may be INDIA. And I hope that Indian team will endure this situation.

This situation has been faced by many teams previously (by WI, SL etc) and now even the 3 time world champion’s’ ordinance has been weakened. Many present Indian cricketers are now being renowned and may be everybody expects them to surge more in the game rather than issues which may create detrimental problems. And media has also a major role here, where I see mostly media exaggerates things which should not be given importance at all. (The Viru and Dhoni Issue). A Hindi news channel was very much interested in this issue and they were showing this issue with overwhelming joy. Is it really necessary?

 These are some of the reasons for failure or polemical situations Well, anyhow my topic was not regarding this but one fine day I may come up with a good post on this but this was the day which put me into reprehensible situation which I never thought it would happen.

P.S:- Is anything wrong in the above post? Want suggestions.(expect grammar corrections as it is more complicated than anything for me)

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2 Responses to Today was the day

  1. Ramc says:

    Yes Rahul, thanks for that suggestion and that is what i wanted to do with my blog(to hell with others), and inspired from one of your post “I Hate Barkha Dutt, come sue me”.

  2. curdriceaurora says:

    Write whatever you feel like, read it aloud once to yourself, if it sounds good enough, press Publish Post. To hell with others

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