Eenadu – Review

First of all I want to say,

Eenadu postersEven when I know that I am seeing a re-make of a stunning Bollywood movie, I was never comparing this movie with that movie, because I was totally seeing a Telugumovie with telugu dialogues and was pretty much interested to see how the telugu version is going to be. As I expected, the movie looked like a fresh jelly removed from frost with just a color change to the previous one. Eenadu has succeeded in making audience clap for some of the dialogues and in keeping audience stick to their seats (even the audience who has seen “A Wednesday”). So by this we can say that Eenadu is success in whatever category it wanted to be. Basically its very hard to judge a movie which is remade and remade in exactly same way but in my opinion Eenadu has made its way to a success.

Plot – Need not be mentioned and cast no doubt revolves around two good actors. Well the only difference in the movie compared to a Wednesday is the technical stuff. Came to know from my friend that the movie was filmed using a red camera (some what digitized picture which does not involve reel). It is not noticeable but when you see it carefully I think you may see the difference. The photography was excellent and the director Chakri Toleti has used his camera man to a perfect level.

The music was brilliant; If Shruthi Haasan herself composed the music bits then she is really talented. The mixing was too good and added salt to the movie. Coming to the performances Venkatesh was just himself with a matured character, but definetly not a character which Venkatesh must have done, Prakash Raj or some else would have would have done that character and in my opinion if the character was given to Prakash Raj he could have done with élan. But I really didn’t understand why Venkatesh has really accepted a character like this. Multi starrer is a good change that should surely cometo Tollywood but well personified actor like Venkatesh should look for other roles in Multi Starrer movies.

And coming Padmashree Kamal Haasan as an imposter of a terrorist, himself in the character played naturally and but for me Naseeruddin Shah was better looking a common Man than Mr.Kamal Haasan. Yes I mean it. It doesn’t mean that kamal has not done well!! And I don’t have any damn reason to say that he was not good at it as he has proved it previously and nothing more I can say. He was superb for the role, but Naseeruddin shah was in a better position and added more conviction to the character “The Common Man”.

And the movie has also not changed its basics from Wednesday, it went along the same storyline and it is the same as expected. But the taking was totally different in Eenadu. And some of the dialogues which are added have kept people thinking what was the situation about, was it positive or was it negative. And Mr.Haasan telling about a pregnant on the road was bull shit and why the hell is that needed?

And a dialogue “When Terrorism is instant why can’t Justice be?” Can this happen in this country? And some dialogues were making people laugh, dialogues such as when the reporter refuses to go to the Airport Kamal says” When India lost to Pakistan in Cricket, its not the responsibility of the TV channel which relays a live show”. And some dialogues are out of box as bringing in Gujarat in the conversation between a terrorist and a police officer.

After all  I can say that in the cinema I have seen people who have not seen A Wednesday were enjoying the movie and were really stunned when knowing that Kamal is not a terrorist but just a Common Man.

Bottom Line: – Not a bad Movie, see it as Tollywood Movie not a remake you will just stick to your seats, A Honest film.

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