Why Jagan will be the next CM of AP!!!

question-mark-marco-belucciWhos next?? A million dollar question and some say that the answer is obvious that it will be Y.S Jagan Mohan Reddy. (S/O of Late.Y.S.RajaShekar Reddy). And no explanations needed for this thing to happen. There are several reasons why Jagan will be the next CM.

  1. YSR family has the largest group in the state and that many followers who will definetly are behind everything that happens in the state.
  2. The present cabinet has the people of YSR, which we can say that his people and definetly the cabinet will support him (as we are seeing that now).
  3. If Jagan is not given will that position the High command is pretty intelligent and they know what will be the consequences if another name is taken into consideration.
  4. The party may split again into groups and the grip that YSR had on the state will be lost if another candidate is named other than Jagan.
  5. Nevertheless the charisma that YSR holds is same or a little bit more than what his son holds.
  6. The support of the big shots will always be with YSJ.
  7. At this situation the Congress High command will not take any risks by bringing up another name onto the screen.
  8. YSR in his 5.5 yrs rule gained control on all the major business sectors and industrialized areas in major part of the state.
  9. The “Aam Aadmi “has been the main agenda of YSR and the Centre too, so now YSJ in his father’s footsteps should follow the same.
  10. The party cannot risk the resignations of many Ministers and MLAs if Jagan is not made as CM.
  11. The former CM’s aide and best friend KVP tactics are one of the reasons for congress victory both the times ( the famous Pada Yatra was designed by him).And the second time victory has something to do with his political experience. So this brain will work only for one person and that is … (everyone understands who is this). And even the centre cannot afford to lose him and his experience.
  12. The state is not ready for another political turmoil and the dramatic developments.
  13. He owns a news paper and 24 hrs News channel.
  14. Last but not the least, Jagan will be the only person who can fit in the fathers shoes in many ways and the only person by whom his father’s policies and projects will be taken further.

The above points need no explanations, they are what they are and if anyone asks why is it so? The answer is “That’s It”… No more discussions.

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