Mallanna – Movie Review


Mallanna – movie with a message, but also with some of the unnecessary things which spoilt the movie to a large extent. In fact it was the movie not only with a message, but also with some hypothetical facts present and going around in our country. But the concept used in this film has become a cliché and should have been handled well, in fact very well. The film was sounding good at technical aspects but some things which made people to endure and not really enjoy the movie.

Mallanna – A CBI officer with his 11 friends (also IPS graduates) who hold different posts in police department and form a team to bring out the black money by raiding the houses of big business men and of people who earn money illegally and take some percentage of the money and distribute among people who are in need and to eradicate poverty. They follow different means to do this and in the mean time with no reason he comes across Subba Lakshmi (Shriya) – daughter of one of the victim (Aashish Vidyarthi) and chemistry between them was dilatory. This will be depicted as Lord “Mallanna” is responsible for all these (people believe). Shriya wants to take revenge from Mallanna for making his father paralyzed. And the story goes on…. and obviously happy ending.

Coming to the technical aspects of the movie, the camera (don’t know what to call that) which is dominant in brown color has been extensively used and that gave me a feeling that I was watching the movie with Sunglasses onJ. The stunts were mediocre. While watching the songs of the movie got an doubt that is Shriya a heroine or an item girl in the movie. (In olden days – not that old) in some songs and in some scenes those type of costumes were worn by Item gals but in this movie got a feeling that Shriya herself serving the purpose. (In song especially Meow Meow).

In my observation the director wanted to show the reality but after watching the movie I felt that it was exaggerated. Lack of comedy caused detriment to the movie and there was surprisingly not a single humorous bit in the movie. Songs were coming and going just like ads between each over of a cricket match. Before forgetting the feral effect of the previous effect of the song another appeared, thank god atleast thank the director as he has limited the songs to 7, thanks to the protocol that any film should have atleast 6 songs – (just kidding but they usually do as it is a protocol and make the film miss the plot – are they really needed is a big”?”. Basically the movie has lost its track to the love story and songs and they played a forestall play in the movie. The movie was very long and it was elasticized to max extent and one of my friend commented “It is like I am watching this movie since 2 days JJ and yet it’s not over. And we can thank director for showing us Mexico just for the sake of showing and a song simply for that and I found no reason why the song was shot (Mambo) and the lyrics were not at all sync with the storyline.

Some of the interesting things are in one scene the Hero with be held and knelt down with his eyes tied and about 6 people around him stand with guns( remember they had guns) aimed at him. After that a car rams into them by a undercover police officer – hero’s friend (played by the director himself) and then a fighting starts where the hero exhibits his skills fighting with his eyes tied up and killing people around him. And they just fight with the hero, but where the guns which were previously aimed at the hero???.

The producer must have distributed the money spent on this movie to poor people instead of making this movie.

At last just want to say Mallanna lacked something not in the acting department (Vikram had good job as always he does), but in the screenplay where people didn’t get what was really happening.

Bottom Line: – Hmmmm ….. Ok, watch it on your own risk. Cannot say more than this.

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2 Responses to Mallanna – Movie Review

  1. Ramc says:

    Yes may be but the producer is the responsible party for the movie kada, he puts in money and he does everything, director will ask anything but producer also must know what his product is up to…

  2. santhosh says:

    nice review ra…i likd the part “producer must hav distributed to poor”…that was funny…jus think it must be the director who has done that by taking it frm the producer…lol…

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