UDAAN – Masterclass

Since the time I have seen this movie I am just thinking about this. So this led to me to write this article after so many days. I can say it’s the best I have seen in recent times. And this is the movie which nobody should miss, if anyone had missed to watch this, guys you have missed a one of the great motion picture ever from India.  UDAAN….

Udaan just banks on a taut screenplay, not a showy star cast to deliver the goods and most importantly the acting skills of the actors in the movie. It can be said what we usually say “Just Marvelous”  , take anyone in the movie , Ronit Roy , Rajat Barmecha or the Small boy character Arjun…simply fantastic.  The success formula for this movie is the script, the dialogues and most important – substantiation of whatever is being shown on the screen. Choosing an unfeigned plot and doing justice to that in the technical department be it the music, the dialogues, the camera – take anything. We can see the power of a script in this film – original writing.

Udaan may not have huge star cast – item numbers, hardly 5-6 characters with whom the story revolves may not entice the audience but still it succeeds in whatever it is meant to be. It’s the Film making what we have to talk about. Its successfully made a mark in Indian film industry with its Endeavour like laughing, being emotional and having a smile on the faces who watches the movie. (I remember I just smiled and I realized in one scene where his father gives up but still he runs that this movie is the one which is unique and was never made before– awesome, just awesome). In another scene – the climax when the protagonist writes a letter to his father that his brother needs a future and he will give – just watch the expression of the guy – he oozes out of confidence – that’s called acting. And credit equally goes to the director as he is the one responsible to bring out these emotions in the actors. Their acting skills completely changed their image. Don’t miss the dialogues in this movie – every single dialogue will definitely make us think – that’s the power of dialogues in this movie.

Acting, in one word or rather the best word to be used – INTRUGING. Guys what Ronit Roy is doing in all the TV soaps, the Indian cinema needs actors like him but don’t know why he is not making in many movies. Excellent acting by the small boy – he just made me think that I am seeing not just a movie but some original story happened in my country. Thanks to Anurag and the director Vikramaditya Motwani for making such a fantastic, wonderful, which won hearts of not only the audience but also critics. This movie is the best example for a movie with content made through superb acting performances and with a skill called the Direction we can say that’s – IT IS A MASTER CLASS.

And who said that only if we spend more money we will get a good movie??? I think Tollywood has to realize a lot to make such type of movies.

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2 Responses to UDAAN – Masterclass

  1. asim says:

    awesome movie i am speechless i just love this movie .

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