Orange – Unique in its own ways

“Orange is a love story which has a Universal appeal”.

“Orange is not name of any character in the movie, it’s a color and three’s a connection between this color and the story”.

“While writing a script or shooting I don’t look for any one’s satisfaction, I look for my own satisfaction”.

These are the words Director Bhaskar told to South Scope when he was interviewed. I was really excited to watch this film, my fav hero’s son and that too with a good director and real euphony in the form of songs from the day Audio had released.

When I went the film and at last got confused by the end of the film for what I expected and what I have seen in this movie? I really went into a state of mix-up trying to understand the film. The film has too many questions for me when I was watching the first half. But I did not find any answers to justify the questions. Substantiation is more important in this genre of films


Firstly the movie itself started with a confused note, and the funny thing called fight scene for no reason and cops coming and asking what is ur story, what happened….baaap re… people say to me “Dude this is just a movie take it easy” but I have my own reasons why the fight scene is not required there.

And the graffiti thing ‘at some point in the movie ‘they say that Graffiti is a crime and people will be arrested for it”, whaaat, I will ask then why did not cops arrest Ram for what he was doing on the roads of Australia in the starting scene people say to me “Dude this is just a movie take it easy” ok fine will take it easy…

The above two things are just vague so we can just leave it in the air. People asked me why are you just thinking about flaws, “think of the concept – it’s an awesome one”. But I say when the director has established something he just convinces to what he has shown or at least stick to it, but the concept was derailed.

And for making the hero a good person, the director has chosen the relativity concept, like “To prove his point, he has made other point totally wrong by giving some good reasons. To make or to show the lead that he is good he has made other people look bad in the movie and created a situation for it too (the sms sent to wrong person by hero’s friend). Vennela Kishore in seriously underutilized, he has the capacity to tickle the audience even if Brahmanadam was not present, but I would say both are underutilized and mainly Kishore for many reasons

Required some substantiation:-

Ram will ask Genelia to love him but only for some time… ok fine he also tells her he is not interested in long term relationships so he just wants to love her for few days…whaaat??? Is love a thing which can be used for few days and then leave it? Preminchesukundam … lets love….ok “ when a guy asks a girl come on lets love” then the girl will ask “ what should we do now” the guy says lets love “ the girl goes into a confusion she never understands what he is asking for? What does anyone should do extra to love? “Meeting each other daily or talking daily or something else” is this called LOVE? Inkonchem Premista… stars revolving my head…after hearing this…

The director has taken this for granted without even explaining what is happening on the screen and the movie is over and if anybody asks the director says , “We need to understand what it means” …. Dude is this a puzzle or what? Movie should not be a bunch of questions or confusion enough to make think and then understand what is happening on screen.



But the movie has majority of exceptional things and unique in itself – The movie was rich and it’s awesome to watch on screen. I really liked the screen presence of Ram Charan , he mastered and he did a brilliant job. Harris Jayraj’s tunes are awesomely marvelous and I think this reason may cause people to watch the movie multiple times. This is really worth watching for anything and can be considered one of the best this year. Music can be considered as the second best this year after YMC.

And character Shahzan Padamsee was good to watch than Genny , that’s what I think so …  Ram Charan’s looks have changed and we can say now he will be a star or at least he has become one. He improved again from his previous movie. Mature and rich look made him to look good on screen. The photography should get credit equally from whatever the other departments get.

One thing, the movie has a very good reason (the flashback episode in Mumbai) – it’s a brilliant concept to make a movie on, and even in the movie it looked fantastic with foot tapping Rooba Rooba in the flash back, but in the first half to establish this experience by the protagonist some where it just missed the track , Some dialogues are worth – The Car’s lights off – truth or dare , Guys this the best concept ever for a movie to be made and luckily Charan was in it, but just few substantiated point would have made the movie look Splendid. I liked the movie but the above point (the first two paragraphs) I have written because they made the movie look just good. Otherwise it’s a treat to watch ORANGE.

Don’t miss this flick – it’s unique in its own ways. Better than other movies released this season and that’s for sure.

P.S: BTW whats Orange in the movie?


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7 Responses to Orange – Unique in its own ways

  1. kosigisree says:

    Pawan Kalyan scolded Ram Charan for escalating the costs of ‘Orange’.He also scolded his brother Nagababu.So we can know now,how the movie performed at tollywood box office ……

  2. Lalitha says:

    I am big fan of chiru,but ramcharan he just annoys me,full ga pogaru.I am sure u feel like that towards a hero

  3. Lalitha says:

    I love reading ur review,omg I totally belive that the fighting is not worth it.why god! Dude genny likes 3 guys,and why would u say that ” one of the guy is me” when she never say u !!! What a idiot.and How can u like a girl by looking at her across the bloody street.he is a total worst guy

    • ramcsays says:

      Thanks Lalitha….and rest all what u said i understand ur frustration over Ramcharan – one question why do u hate ramcharan the most?:-) 😀

  4. lalitha says:

    i really hated this movie,this is my opinion
    people just say it’s a hit because they don’t want to face the truth. i think Bhaskar is a great director,but he could’nt tie it together
    well good luck to them all

    ram charan does’nt amaze me 😛

    • ramcsays says:

      @Lalitha: its not regarding facing the truth.. movie is good to an extent and lost track justifying the reasons what he gave and that confused people….

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