Rock Star – More a love story!!!

I think Imitiaz Ali didn’t get out of the mood of love stories, break up and love after marriages. In Rock star he never did concentrate on Love or the rise and fall of a Rock star. He was not able to execute it impeccably. Music was mainly a plus point of the movie but may be it may not help as the script is sidetracked with the main theme.

It was a more a Romeo and Juliet kinda thing, but definitely not a Rock star’s movie (as shown in the trailers). One thing we need to mention here is the intriguing performance of Ranbir, I would say that, if Saif had got the National award for his performance in Hum Tum, then I can say the next award winner should be RK. His totally jelled in the roles of or I would say characters of naïve Janrdan and the Rockstar Jordan. Nargis reminded of Katrina in each and every scene of the movie.

Saada Haq was fantastic and the best track in the movie. Music comes out of pain and sorrow is the main theme of the movie but something else has been portrayed in the movie, it was majorly a love story and nothing about the personal life of a Rockstar. The amalgam was not perfect; more importance was given to the thing called love. So if you like love stories and you feel emotional, then Rockstar is a perfect movie. But one thing I mention her e again that Ranbir’s versatility as a Rockstar amazed everyone.

To be short and precise – the Movie is good, just good, it’s more of a love story than a movie portrayed the life of a Rockstar, AR Rahman’s music was soul for the movie and watch it for Ranbir’s fascinating performance in the movie.


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