Road,Movie – My opinion

Road, Movie – A typical movie which is possible to be made and will only be made by some experts.  Dev Benegal comes under this category. So, art movie lovers, this is for you, if you are really interested in a genre of artistry then this movie is the choice. Apart from the other commercial movies in the previous year and this year Road, Movie is a literary genre. This shows or rather compares the life style of urban people and the people far from the urban areas. How rural areas people live, their life styles, their attitude, their interests are perfectly shown in this movie. And importantly what is “MOVIE” to those people.

Set in Rajasthan, The ‘Road’ movie is about a rendering journey of Vishnu (Abhay Deol) who never wants to step into his father shoes who sells oil. He helps an old friend to deliver a truck ( which has a movie projector – mobile theater) to a place and in the journey he meets a boy who works in a dhaba, and also the boy wants to go with Vishnu where ever he goes to change his career ( used to this word being a S/W engg :D) . Then he meets and mechanic – Satish Kaushik, whom Vishnu calls Chacha, they go along the “Road Not Taken” and come across things which surprise them. They drive across the villages of Rajasthan, Vishnu comes to know that people are not same everywhere, their comforts are not same and the life style is not the same. In his journey he meets a girl (Tannistha Chatterjee) who goes in search of water. He meets Mafia leaders who smuggle water and sell it at a higher price, but Vishnu succeeds by his deeds in negotiating with the Mafia leader (Yashpal), with his oil in return for water, which he distributes to all the villagers.

Here, I ripped off the story and presented here as the story did not matter here, the pictuarisation is the matter to be discussed here. Cinematography by Michel Amathieu’s c creates frames of sheer beauty and the screenplay crunches with some tender and brittle humor. The music, the background is pertinent to the subject and I bet if you watch the movie you will definitely notice the difference from the other movies and this movie especially with the Music, the frames – the photography and real depicted life of the rural people and the consequences they encounter. But this movie is not for all, folks it comes under a different genre and the people who like this movie will be a minority (only few).

What can be taken from this movie?

In my view I have taken some things, the condition of our country, planet, people who are alienated.The below points are depicted in the movie.

  1. This movie depicted the dried land of our country where people travel and travel miles to just find out where can they get water.
  2. It depicted the desperate rural people alienated to their destiny cannot even compared to  the present urban life styles, what all we get here , how much comfortable zone we are in ,but still complaints.
  3. We see a movie in multiplexes with popcorns and drinks in other hand, but for some people out there, movie is a wonder, it is the reason to smile. Here if do not like the movie we don’t accept it and in this movie it is shown that people are do not have complaints even when a different movie is played in between of another movie , they just see with a smile on their face.
  4. We roam in AC and party in the night whenever we wanted and we get whatever we wanted, there people just travel hundreds of miles bare footed just to find out any water deposits.
  5. Relation between people who they meet at tough times.
  6. “Just do not think of your self think of others , be self less.

Okay, enough of GYAN what I got by seeing this movie, but this is what exactly Dev Benegal wanted to show in this movie, so let’s accept it.

Drawbacks of the movie:-

  1. The beginning of the film is really interesting, but loses its focus in the mid way.
  2. Low on story.
  3. Lack of depth in characters.
  4. The romantic part between Tannistha and Abhay is kind of loose and is not enough convincing.

I think for a movie like this the above points may not hinder for what they wanted to show but will make people bored (again just considering majority of people so not taking a shot saying this).

Groovy points about the movie:-

  1. Cinematography.
  2. Music.
  3. Simple and plain script.
  4. Short.
  5. Some of funny and roller costar dialogues which are spontaneous.

Bottom Line: – It’s a movie of its own kind, it’s a movie of critiques, it’s a movie which comprises of few viewers, it’s a movie of Film festivals, it’s a movie of Abhay, It’s a movie of Dev Benegal. People who don’t like slow movies ,artistic movie , it’s not a cake for you.

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2 Responses to Road,Movie – My opinion

  1. Mohan says:

    Give rating dude…
    Not intrested in ready essays…if rating is good, will read the review


    • ramcsays says:

      Dude review in my view is what i think and the rating should be decided by the reader. So if i give the rating – but how can i rate the movie , it will be my opinion is cannot be true. So i will just write what is in the movie and how did i like it….Thats It

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