Ye Maya Chesave – Charming!!

After a very long time I saw a movie which made me feel good, made me think and remember the scenes in the movie again and again, still I am writing this review thinking of how good the movie is made and I bet that it will definitely leave a smile on your face till the end and even after. Yemaya Chesave, It’s also one of the few films out there that tell a complete story. There’s a well-defined beginning, middle, and end. An important point to mention here is the Music and the Script were in such sync that both helped each other , like we cannot think of any other song in any situation except that song which is being showed. Wow it’s Awesome; it’s the Director – Music Director’s movie. It is one of the best films I have seen in this genre. It’s a movie; you can relax and let flow over you with a gentle smile on your face.

There is nothing exceptional about the storyline of the movie . It still made the audience interesting because of the way the director handled the much used subject. While there is a liberal dose of emotion used in the film, it still manages to retain the interest of the viewers till the end. Karthik (Naga Chaitanya) charms the role of charming rustic boy and woos Jessie (Samantha Ruth Prabhu) in the movie. The couple knows that they hail from drastically different backgrounds (Hindu and Christian) but still they get attached to each. Initially Jessie will never accept that she is in love with Karthik. However, their parents play spoilsport and creates hindrance in their blossoming romance especially the Girl’s father. The girl is thrown in a dilemma; she has to choose between her fiancé selected by her parents and her lover: This is where the directorial talent pitched up. It’s a normal love story, but one should see the way the story goes on with the confused mind of Jessie and the romance between them.

Yemaya Chesave is a gentle romantic tale in the midst of blockbuster action films released this year and goofball comedies. But you do not have to wonder if Yemaya Chesave stood a better choice for the audience in this period kicking back other films. Easily the best thing about Yemaya Chesave is the believable chemistry between impressive leads Chaitanya and Samantha and Samantha has proven herself to have genuine versatility and this movie is a perfect debut for her. It’s been done before, of course, but this movie does it much better than most. Those who love teen romances will enjoy this film, but don’t overlook it if the genre doesn’t usually appeal. This film will please a much wider audience than one might expect especially the Youth.

My Goodness, Samantha is really beautiful and it was felicity watching her on the screen. Naga Chaitanya showed his maturity with this kinda subject, improved a lot lot from his debut movie Josh. The dancing skills represented by Naga Chaitanya are good the foreign pop choreographers have done a good job in making him dance and the steps were awesome. The locations shown in the songs are spectacular and the cinematographer should get the credit for capturing them in his camera. The scenes shot in kerala are making audience the cinema more than once.

Music: Maestro AR Rehman

It is one of the, in fact the top reason for why this film has impressed many. AR Rehman – God he is simply superb. He made the magic with his tunes for 3 songs especially (Hosanna, Kundanapu Bomma, Vintunnava). Aaromale, Aakasam are really good to listen.

Director: Gautam Vasudev Menon

He is the hero of this movie. This speaks what he has done to the movie.

Bottom Line: Just go and watch it once, if not twice.

PS: I am in search of my Jessie J

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16 Responses to Ye Maya Chesave – Charming!!

  1. Lalitha says:

    Chaitu is so cute :)..absolutely loved kerla,I travelled many places before but the places in India just amaze me,simple superb,temples are so beautiful,I want to visit it one day,maybe next year 🙂

  2. Lalitha says:

    I cannot compete with you sir

  3. Lalitha says:

    I heard that this story is a true story of a guy,which is a friend if Gautam menon,kani in the end the girl marry another guy,just
    like the Tamil version :(…sad

  4. Lalitha says:

    She is an example of a perfect girl 🙂

  5. Lalitha says:

    Yes! They love Telugu movies :)…well Nenu chepakenu Jada valiki,I agree us girls are full if confusion :p. Ur looking for Jessie,hmmm kashtame 🙂

  6. ramcsays says:

    @Lalitha: Yeah will go with u .. this one is the very good love story , unlike Orange which confused people…this is simple clean and wonderfully written… and the negative reviews – i think 80% of any review sites gave positive ratings..and the publicity u gave to the movie to non-indian people – the hero and the director will please to hear this..hope they hear u:-)

  7. lalitha says:

    ye maya chesave movie is the greatest love story
    it has a little bit of everything,the storyline is beautiful:)
    i watch the movie everyweek it’s so addictive 🙂

    naku enduku artham kaledu,there were a lot of negative reviews on ye maya chesave,who cares it’s a blockbuster hit..that is all that counts

    i showed this movie to all my non-indian friends,they loved it


  8. curdriceaurora says:

    I don’t read your reviews, Ram. Because I get to see the movies 2-3 months after you see it. So, Emanakoku. Anthe. Over.

  9. yalkur says:

    jus like 2 add a point 2 ur good well balanced review…dats de voice of heroine…goodness me…her voice completli blew me apart 4m her gorgeous look..i mean,its som1 called CHINMAYI who dubbed 4 her..have 2 say the voice of heroine was simply voice simply added to Samantha’s charming look..i believe…liked it like helll..
    review covered almost every worth mentioning point..gud 1

    • ramcsays says:

      @Yalkur: Thats true i should have mentioned that too, thanks dude for giving a comment on that point , as u said the voice is magnetic and added charm to jessie’s role, its definitely true.

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