Does a Commercial movie exist?

Once, on TV in a press meet I watched an Interview of a Director of Telugu cinema, he was quoting that his upcoming film has full of commercial elements and it’s an entertaining film. I watched the film after its release, and then I was in bizarre situation thinking what commercial elements are? Were those crappy things the director and Producer were quoting as commercial elements?  The film bombed at the Box Office but there was no loss to the protagonist of the movie but the fate of the director went into question. And let’s not discuss about the producer, let’s pity him for now. The director is out of offers now. So too much of so called commercialization made the movie look like this?

Yes it’s definitely is.  The reasons I think are the cause…

  1. Hero’s introduction song or the title song – No connection to the movie or the story , but just for the sake of having a song on title and of course huge spending for this which is truly unnecessary.
  2. And also coming to the songs category, six song formulas, wtf is happening in Telugu movies, are six songs must?  When the movie itself went off track and the people get bored a song appears on the screen which annoys audience to the heights of their patience.
  3. Large sets – The director only knows why these are needed? As without them the movie can be made and most important can be made interesting. But why these. Exception – some movie like ‘Okkadu’ or ‘Arjun’ where it is required and has some meaning. But why a set in Sainikudu , Balu , etc.
  4. Unnecessary romantic or vulgar romantic scenes, I would like to quote few films like ‘Okka Mogadu ‘ Saleem’ etc. Which make the movie even more worse.  It looks like a tale of perverts.

Lets end it as there are never ending stories if we go like these.

But what are the post effects after making a movie like this? Producer will create a hype before releasing and later an unsatisfied disappointment. This in turn makes the producers to demand for ticket hike in theaters and this in turn encourages Piracy to a little extent. If the ticket price is low some may try to go to the movie in spite of watching on a small PC with camera print.

From my opinion a movie is not just an entertainment quotient it’s an Art, Art of Visual Communication. Commercial word is just a word in dictionary used by makers to participate in an ocean of competition.

Are there no movies which are hit inspite of not involving those point mentioned earlier? Yes there are :

Thanks Krishh for giving movies like Gamyam and Vedam, thanks to Deva katta for his Prasthanam, thanks to Chandrasekhar eleti for his Aithe and Anukokunda oka roju . Who told people never accept these movies, I am referring to a director whose movie won a National Award and now he blames people that “People are not accepting change so why should I continue doing movies like these? And he made a so called commercial movie – which people rejected more than what they did for his other movies.

A Story + A Star+ Big Budget = Commercial Movie.( May be good or bad)

A Script + Perfect Screenplay + Perfect Direction = definitely a good Movie

If the same movie above is made with a star, let’s take it as a commercial movie:  It will be block buster.

A star cannot change the fate of the movie if nothing is good!!! Accept?

Lots of difference between a script and a story

Bottom Line: There is nothing called a commercial movie or art movie, only movies exist!!! Mind It!!!! QGM

P.S : The above points may be right or just blunder, but that is what i think…

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  1. Vinnugaa says:

    Y r U referring our Super Star movies here…

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