RGV and His Rakta Charitra, His Strategy…Waaw

Foreword: This is just an article written out of some baffling things I came across after Raktha Charita had released. People who liked the film and think that it’s the real story and would not accept if anyone says that it is not – Do not read this. This is on RGV and not on the Movie

Guyz, recently I have seen many people discussing about Raktha Charitra connecting to real life characters and I have also came across people who are not native to this state asking that is Ravi , NTR etc(whoever he has shown in the movie) were like this? It’s not like this or they were not like this, THIS IS JUST A MARKETING STATERGY BY THE GR8 RGV. He had done his job and with beauty. If anyone asks who the best in this is, definitely I would answer its RGV.

Years back RGV made a movie with Jagapathi Babu in the lead role and it was a massive hit for both of them. RGV told that it was based on true incidents. The story goes like this, the Hero will be elsewhere studying and his father and brother would be killed by the rival gangsters. Then he takes the lead role with his supporters and runs the gang and where ever he goes there will be a bunch of people around him – his private security. Why does he come or land into this? A dialogue to remember from that movie.

“Chanipoindi naa anna , na vallu , so deeni antham cheyalsindi kooda nene” – Those dead are my family people so I should be the only person to end this. The movie is GAYAM.

Oh gosh, I heard this dialogue recently in one more movie of the same director and gags did the I tell the story of Raktha Charita above? Yes I did. Let’s talk about the gr8 RGV , in a movie Hrithik Roshan named Mr. A , portrayed as thief and he steals expensive things just to have fun, he just says it is a hobby and just wanna make a “A” symbol of places he steal things from.

I thought of the same character when I thought about RGV, he wants everything to be Sensation, the people should talk about, the media should shout their limits to an extent talking about his films. He wants people to make publicize his movie. He just did that with Raktha Charitra. Somebody said that he is a perfect persona in doing anything like this.

And he made fools out of the audience and the Media itself. Hats off RGV, and definitely I would say that he might be sitting at home and laughing at seeing all these – people rallying to stop the screening of the movie, all media channels giving away their time to show something more useless than what they always show. RGV also fooled Ravi fans stating that this movie is based on him – waaah kya baat hei. He wanted to make a movie on the same story line of GAYAM or SARKAR , but this time he wanted to make it differently so he wanted to add some real incidents adapting from some people in Rayalaseema.

I am not saying that Raktha Charitra is not based on Paritala Ravi, but just saying that it has some elements in it which he adapted to make his movie a well known and most viewed and for some other reason. But this is what it is. What does he know about any of them shown in the movie? When he came to town – Nellore in AP, a fan from the crowd asked why doesn’t he make a movie on Ravi? Then RGV answered that he doesn’t know him, if he likes his biography he would definitely make a movie. This is in front of thousands of people in a meeting (even Big B was present there). And now what he is saying , as if he knew Ravi from ages , like in an interview, he was quoting that violence has to be shown to show the avenge feeling and Ravi was a fearful man. He doesn’t even know him till Sarkar released then what bull shit is he talking about Ravi? Did he anytime see him, maybe he came to know some things….

A perfect market strategy or a perfect strategy to make himself sensational. That is RGV. In the movie he nowhere shows the heroism or the importance of the character. Just killing spree did not make Ravi a leader. Where did he show all these things?.

It was just like other movie made by him.  If he wouldn’t have publicized going to Jail and meeting Soori and meeting Paritala Suneetha, would this have run with this response? Now the film is a commercial success with unpredictable collections but for what? Just because of its publicity and just because of RGV. If I say it’s because of RGV, here I am not mentioning his directorial skills but the way he fermented things pre-release. Awesome, I think the producer should pray RGV for his contribution for the success of the movie. Other Producers are you looking at this , follow the same thing whole media )sorry I would not pull all the media but just want to pull our regional media ) will spend some time on you and your movie.

Media played a over action role in promotion of the movie and hats off to RGV for he is the first person to use media in his favor without paying them and just by fooling them he became news. Does any movie need to be publicized in this way keeping all the important issues aside?

RGV just wants to be in the NEWS that’s it!!! For that he can say that he is going to make a movie on Mumbai blasts and make a normal terrorist attack on some hotel without any connection to the original incident; Intelligent bloke.

Even Ravi’s wife came out and said that the story has a lot of additions or changed from the biography of Ravi. People say that NTR is the person who raised Ravi to these heights and that is what is shown in the movie, but here I am asking a scene from Pokiri “ A rowdy comes in front of media and says that he killed that guy what will you do” so can we relate this to Moddu Seenu’s character? Coz he gave the statement in the same way after killing Ravi. And also in the movie shock “In the Jail Raja Raveendra will be having a mobile with him and he will be ordering through his mobile this doesn’t mean that he is Maddelacheruvu Soori, and in the movie Sainikudu Prakash Raj meets with an accident while preparing bombs in the Lodge in the same way how Moddu seenu got caught in the real time. So what I say is these are all made inspired from real incidents from just not real.

In the same way Raktha Charitra is also some way inspired from real incidents but just not totally portray the real life characters, just don’t go and decide that the real life characters are just as same as this movie characters.

I am saying this because from the movie’s shooting start till the movie released everyday there were some programs on TV on Raktha Charitra, the regional media has put aside even the CWG games on the inauguration day of CWG and they were taking interview with RGV and Obul Reddy’s family. Is this not just fooling around people?

RGV is at his heights of his the so called “Creating Publicity”, so just watch this wonderful movie just watch it do not connect with any of the real characters. If you wanna know about Ravi then you would just a get a glimpse of him and his aggressiveness, his fearlessness, his attitude, his charisma then Raktha Charitra is a bad choice. Watch some of the videos on YouTube to know about him. And I can admit that from what I heard and read and seen of him that ‘He was simply Superb’ P.S: Movie is superb, don’t miss it, just have just go and watch it. And groovy, dandy, peachy RGV is best at……………………….????????????.

Know what while updating this some program coming on N TV regarding that there will one more CM shown in the second part. Now the publicity starts, lets enjoy and I bet you will see many more these things in coming days till Nov19.

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8 Responses to RGV and His Rakta Charitra, His Strategy…Waaw

  1. Sai Krishna says:

    I just read first few paras..and understood that u were trying to prove 2+2 is 4. RGV himself confessed a zillion times b4 that whatever he does he does it for publicity.. so dont worry..buddy

    • ramcsays says:

      @Sai: U said u read the first two paragraphs , then u should understand that its not for ppl like u, it is just for people who think or still thinking that this is Paritala Ravi’s story and whatever RGV makes makes from real stories and they are same as what is in reality….there lies my point, so dont worry, waht u have written above is exactly what i have mentioned in the post, so no tedas….

  2. Harish says:

    I agree with you that RGV has used the paritala strategy to get a hit of his own……However he also cant show all the realistic things that happened in Paritala’s life because of many life threats and political pressures.
    This movie too has been agreed upon by Paritala family before release….
    However what may be the thing..I enjoyed the movie and the backdrop, Screenplay and the scenes which feels like native for me…after being heard abt Paritala during my studying days and have been visited to his village once.

    • ramcsays says:

      @Harish: He is not a person to care about threats and all those bull shit things, even if he gets threats – that is also a publicity stunt. And also he got threats from Obul readdy family(as per our gr8 regional media) so nothing is very serious.

  3. ramcsays says:

    @Yalkur: I knew that some one would definitely say that RGV already said that it is fictional and i had this bet that at-least one person would question this, so that is why i did not touch base this point.

    Know what clever RGV is on safe side playing safe game by just saying that “i already told that it is fictional” , this is again a game played by RGV… thats is what my point is he just made a movie as any other director did then why this publicity? That is where the point lies.

    And BROTHER topic is not yet over…. still we need to wait till Nov19 , donno know what will be the next publicity stunt by this stunt mania director , and rumors have already started that YSR will be shown in this coming flick

    • yalkur says:

      “he just made a movie as any other director did then ‘Y THIS PUBLICITY?’ That is where the point lies.” u urself hav ansered dis question, writing on dis movy, so influenced by it,waiting 4 part-2,thinking so much abt it(me too..!), hadnt it been for dat awesome publicity tricks we wudnt hav been discussing dis n it wudnt hav been such a grosser.. he clearly stated in interviews n tweets dat “yes,i do everything 4 publicity”
      n regarding TOPIC IS OVER,i meant dat only for saying RGV is de best at marketing..dats it..!!

      • ramcsays says:

        @Yalkur: I think u got me wrong when i say Y this publicity , i am not criticizing RGV for his movie, i am putting him on top for what ever he did, he is such a clever bloke(same thing i mentioned in the above post also). So no doubts he is responsible for what ever the movie has gained till now. That is my point

  4. yalkur says:

    1) if ur point is sayin dat WATS SHOWN IN DE MOVY IS NOT ALL TRUE, den RGV already said its a FICTIONAL realistic stori, he himself says he added so much to plump the script.
    2) “In the movie he nowhere shows the heroism or the importance of the character. Just killing spree did not make Ravi a leader. Where did he show all these things?” Wat els shud v xpekt oder dan wat he showed…?
    3)certainly, RGV is de best at marketing…TOPIC IS OVER

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