How can any Government be this RAW?

This is in regarding the proceedings of High court and Supreme Court hearings on Thursday 18/02/2010 in Andhra Pradesh.

When High Court ordered the Govt of Andhra Pradesh to draw back the Para military forces from Osmania Campus and also questioned the decision on assigning forces in the campus. So the Govt went to the Supreme Court asking for stay from the High Court on its decision. But the Supreme Court also ruled out the Govt’s decision and also questioned the same thing.

Some more questions from the Supreme Court for the Govt to be answered like

  • “Is there the Vice Chancellor’s permission for assigning the forces in the campus”?
  • On What basis The Govt ordered the forces to enter the Campus? First of all why the forces did enter any University Campus? Where are the local police forces?
  • Will it not be a dangerous situation for Law and Order on doing this?

    Many questions like these which the Govt itself was not aware of, they have utterly no answer.

    Previously High Court had similar questions to the State Govt like “On what basis and with whose permission the forces were assigned in the campus?”

    On Thursday the High Court questioned the Asst Police Commissioner on questions like below (See the answers from the Police – very crude)

    1. Who stopped the Media bike (Bike of a Journalist of ABN- Andhra Jyothi) and set fire to it?

    Ans. The police did it.

    2. Who set fire to the Media Van?

    Ans. The security forces did it.

    3. Who was responsible for the injuries of a media person (Zee 24 hours)?

    Ans.  The Security Forces.

    4. Accepting all these that police did to the present situation – “Is there any reason why you (the police commissioner should not be suspended)?” – No Answer.

    And some more questions like  –

      • What action was taken against the people who are responsible for this chaos (the lathi charge on students and the fire rubble) – No Answer
      • Why is the police doing all this – Lathi Charge on Ladies ( questioning also the situation in Vizag where the lady was rudely beat by the male police officer) – Ans – To keep control
      • Control on what? – From the outside dangerous forces who joined the students.
      • If you are sure of that why didn’t you catch them as the police was inside the OU campus since 2 months? – Ans – Caught some of them.
      • How much did you spend on the Para military forces? – Will let you know.

        From local News channels and News papers it was known that – The High court warned the Commissioner to be careful in his duty as there are many obligations against him and asked him to be alert as he many service years due he has in his service.

        One of the advocate argued that – In spite of the commissioner himself accepted that all these were done by police , the Home Minister of the state quoted in the Assembly meetings that – “The damage was caused by the students themselves and the violators and there is no involvement of the Govt and the police”

        So the High Court ordered the Govt to give an explanation to this note as the commissioner himself accepted that it was their fault.

        My question is – What is the credibility of the Home Minister and the Chief Minister of this state? Do they know what is happening in the state? Who is running the Government?

        Example of Cheap Politics: Govt are making a plan to move a lawyer (named Bharati Reddy) and pull in another lawyer as Lawyer Bharati Reddy is from Telangana and that is why they are losing the cases. Dont you think by this acts these thing come up(Why arouse things by playing these politics)?

        Guys LAW is LAW any where it has no regional constraints; everyone is equal before Law (Do I need to tell this to people who are ruling our state). My question is – Which side is the Govt working for?

        P.S: Is there any higher court left for the State Govt for making an argument

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