KEDI – Movie Review

After King another four letter name starting with K – KEDI, Nag is back after a long time. Kedi is just another movie which starred handsome Nag and some beautiful ladies.  But at one aspect it’s slightly different from previous movies of Nagarjuna. Previously at middle or initial days of his career Nag has done some of movies which come under same genre of Kedi but those were serious and Nag was also a serious man in those. But Kedi differed in this and was stylish with very little entertainment. The movie has some shades of Hollywood kinda making but not exactly the same way. The song – in fact a back ground score – Janiya Jane Jana is like the scene in Man on Fire, the Casino was shown as shown in movie 21.

Coming to the story line – The movie starts with Nag being interrogated by a Police officer Shekar (Sayaji Shinde).Then Nag starts his story when and why he became what he was now. Ramesh alias Rummy (Nag) and Janaki are childhood friends and Rummy loves Janaki and asks her to elope with him but Janaki refuses and asks Rummy to earn money, name and fame then she would come with him. Then Rummy goes to earn money and learns to earn money just for that day and live with that. He indulges in the gambling and excels in that play with tricks. He works for bad people and earns money by cheating people with his close aide Arshad (Harshavardhan). He helps a foreign girl to find her sister who was kidnapped, she proposes him but he lets that down saying it will not work out. The film goes very well in the first half with some twists and some humorous scenes involved the comedy king Brahmi. Watch the movie for knowing why he started, who is Mamatha Mohandas, where is childhood friend Janaki? And what happens to both at last.

Coming to the performances of the Movie – Nag was at his best for the role. He is stylish with splendid costumes looking glamorous. He went with ease with the character Rummy. Sayaji Shine was another important character in this movie. He went off well as a Police officer. Harshavardhan has impressed as an close aide to Rummy. Brahmi was just good not because of his performance but the character which was not written well. The comedy track from Brahmi was disappointing. Too many villains – all were ok. There was no villainism but just heroism in this movie. Mamatha Mohandas was ok with her performance to the extent of her character. Ankur as Chandra with Negative Shade has made entry into Telugu and was impressive.

In spite of all this I felt the movie was side tracked from the main plot by including unnecessary songs (3 songs were simply unnecessary). I don’t know exactly but the screenplay may have disturbed the movie a little bit. Too many twists and plots confused the audience in terms where the last scene ended and where the new plot started. (Think of Memento – KEDI was not as complicated as that but we can say a part of that complication). The second half was elasticized till the saturation point is reached and held without releasing it. The movie came back to the same routine movie. In fact from the first half we will be seeing a movie with a different treatment but coming back to the same cave.

Coming to the technical things – Songs – Title Song was amazing and will leave you humming throughout the movie and will continue after coming out of the Cinema. The song Janiya Jane was lavishly made with foot tapping music and the photography was rich, the part I liked technically in this movie is this sequence.  Majorly the movie was shot in Goa and made the movie feel a lively environment for the plot too. The background score was better than the songs.

In this season from the movies released I felt this movie to be good (entirely my opinion) and was definitely it’s a different kind of treatment to the movie from the technical department. With some songs removed and a changed climax, KEDI would be wonderful. It’s just like a Hollywood script made in Tollywood with some shades of Hollywood. Should have been made in a more gripping way.

Bottom Line: This movie cannot be ignored at the same time cannot expect much.

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  1. Lalitha says:

    I feel asleep

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