‘3’ IDIOTS – All Is Well :-) – Review

Another entertainer from Hirani. In fact another good one. The movie is a feel good movie. You will smile, laugh like hell, cry and even weep at an extent. The movie has all the elements which movie goers like to watch. A definite watch for everyone. I enjoyed a lot and hope you also enjoy it. But it is not fully inspired from Five point someone. Only the characterizations are adapted but it is 80% different from the book (even the character names are changed). But as a movie it is awesome. “Be brilliant and excellent in whatever you do – success will follow you”. May be this is Hirani’s secret behind his success. I now understand the films publicity stunt (Amir Khan going around places).

 Farhan (Maddy) will be narrating the story from opening scene to the end of the movie. Coming to the story – 3 friends in college, Rancho (Amir), Farhan (Maddy) and Raju (Sharman). Rancho is a cool guy takes life easily and practically. Raju fears for everything and Farhan who has a passion in photography but will never looks to give a try due to his fathers disinterest in it. All three being room mates become good friends. Raju being very poor and his parent’s dream is to see him as a Engineer. Wants to study hard and make their wish come true. Farhan is from a middle class family and just decides his life to be as his father wishes. Rancho falls in love with Kareena (Dean’s daughter) and a little bit of chemistry between them which is well shown. All the fishy things happen among them, Rancho changes the way Raju and Farhan think. And there goes the story with a real good twist in the interval. Guys watch it it’s not a kind of twist what we usually see.


 Coming to the acting department – everyone are good at their acting skills and have done real justice to their characterizations and roles (students). At every part of the movie there is feel of felicity in the mood of the actors and really need to say they entertained the audience to a much greater extent. Boman was again awesome in his role, god he fits well in any role and performs really meticulously. The attire and the body language of his was apt for his role and notice that he never smiles in this whole movie but we still laugh at his act in the movie. That’s the best part of the movie. Kareena was good in this movie and so over action presented in this movie and first time I liked her in any film I have seen. The photography was brilliant especially the opening (titles) and the climax (portrayed as Simla in the movie but don’t know exactly which is the location).The music was soothing. All the background scores are simply marvelous. The emotional kinda music, funny kinda music… Anything apt for the situation. I need to put 90 % of the movie’s technically brilliance and acting, as everything is good. The sentiments of parents were very emotional and gave a message that leave Childeren to do what ever they like , they will excel. Dont force them to do in which they are not good.


 Maddy doing this role was something he shouldn’t have done. Removing pants and such sort of things…, come on there are many people to do that, why Maddy? No song for him and guys he is a great actor why to use him for such type of roles where there is no importance to the character? At least he has done justice to the movie. The climax was a bit!@#$%, but the whole movie compensated it.

 Bad: -Folks, I find nothing bad in this movie. (I Find, may be some one else be finding).

 Bottom Line: – Feel the movie. I guarantee you that you will love it or for sure at least you will like it. Have a treat for this year ending and if anyone watches this in 2010 then it will be your first best film of the year. ‘ALL IS WELL’

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26 Responses to ‘3’ IDIOTS – All Is Well :-) – Review

  1. Lalitha says:

    But I loved the location of the climax,does anyone know
    where shimla is :).is it in china border.i agree with u with the climax and wow inagree with that guy who said a about the battery being only 12 v..to avoid this confusion become doctors :p

  2. Lalitha says:

    Maddy has a unique character,well he potrays a teen who is living in a life made by his father.that is what happening in india right now.but it seemed like he was pretty ok with doing eng.well it is a bit wierd.

  3. Lalitha says:

    Why don’t you like the climax

  4. Lalitha says:

    Well all We could do is hope

  5. Lalitha says:

    Well I did studied in india until 4 class , my family moved to newzealand,I am doing my medicine here.u can’t just say that it can’t change,i am sure one day they will understand that studies are not only for the marks that u get,it
    the satisfaction u will get by understanding something..well thanks..she was doing eng 1st year.1 year older than me.

  6. Lalitha says:

    cousin commuted suicide becuase she could handle her studies,enduku India lo Ila avutundi,please understand the subject,learn it with pleasure instead of pressure,it is the greatest thing when understand it and apply it.people who get low marks are not failures,try harder…happy ga subject chadavandi,me istam ayindi cheyandi.

    • ramcsays says:

      @Lalitha: India lo antunnav? where did u do ur schooling or where r u doing ur medicine? And india lo inte.. nothing can change which is going on for decades!!! and Sorry for ur cousin… what he/she was doing?

  7. Sriwidu says:


    Hmm..If it is an interpretaion based on on the past responses..then it should be fine.But, considering the response he got after his role in RDB…and the importance of the role…I felt siddarth shud have been the one ..Since, the role had three main characteristics which I felt siddarth is already good at…

    Meanwhile, Putting all this apart…..I hope you know who sriwidu is?

  8. santhosh says:

    shina and ram wonderful analysis on the movie…really appreciate the way shina thought and put fwd her questions…may be i hav something to share abt those questions of urs…

    1)spoon may or may nt be placed at the right place bt mere touch of salt water even a drop can find its path to electricity since salt is good conductor of electricity

    2)i will ans in the end

    3)after he has been awarded the degree on rancho’s name aamir left…and probably he had some 5 years or 9 years( i don remember). Dont u think that amt of time is nt enought to do a degree and become a research scientist

    4)The dir doesn’t show aamir taking his cell to the dean’s office. may be he forgot or left it in the room and lil wud he realise that the phone wud be picked up by the dean bcoz its kareena’s phone.

    5)The only electrical appliances used as far as i remember wer car batteries and vacuum cleaner. Car batteries hav very less volatge(prob 12V) and vacuum cleaner can be handled with wet hands.

    The answer that i wanted to give in the end was- Its a movie. Its a visualisation of a general story. If at all ppl hav to produce movies without few out of reality sequences then ther shud be no songs and also background music (for the scenes which wud make an impact on the audience.), since we wudn’t find music to be played on our background in real life. some situations need to be dealt in such a way. Some ppl do it extremely artificial and some ppl bring them close to reality bt a movie can never be completely a normal person life on screen.

    My opinion…

    • ramcsays says:

      @Santosh:- Good going- This movie made people think of 3 Idiots more than a movie. People are analyzing. May be the purpose of the movie has fulfilled. “Think Out of the Box” 😀

  9. Shina says:

    What an explanation !!! good going Ram.

    You are right about the entertainment part….very much true….these illogical sequences are put in the movie for audiences entertainment than for any rational analysis. My point wasn’t against the entertainment factor….we see many non-sensical movies and enjoy them for there sheer stupidity…but with Amir being in the movie and with the kind of name he carries for making movies with perfection (though he never spoke about it himself, he is a very careful and a shrewd actor and he is aware of this fact) such apparent flaws were little expected.

    Ofcourse, I agree that the points I have mentioned are very small and may not have any relevance on the movie as whole. The movie simply rockzzz!!!

    Explanation for 1 and 3 are good and i agree completely with you on these two. But for 2, 4 and 5, well I am sorry Ram,I guess there is something terribly wrong – either you did not understand my point or I did not express it correctly.

    Last thing in your reply…about Maddy…..Ram, my buddy, grow up. Every actor need to be versatile….they cannot keep playing the same role….i felt Maddy was the perfect choice and if he was so bothered about his pants then he would have rejected the role…..why are you stirred up…..chill boy…its film industry…..actors are counted on the variety of role they play and not how much fame they have in which part of the country…..i feel that this is a trivial cribbing from you 😛

    • ramcsays says:

      @Shina: May be i had cribbed on this , that may be true 🙂 , may be i became too personal as Maddy is one of my Fav actor and i didnt like him doing that, so henceforth my comments on that…anyways ur correct that actors are counted for the kind of roles they choose.

      And movies them selves are for entertainment – is it not? And points 2,4,5 – My take on this is “The director wanted to show Aamir as a intelligent guy but the director was not that intelligent to show or to tell Aamir to call from his mobile rather than the land line :-), this is just a sarcastic way to counter ur point hehe:-), well movie Rockzz that it

  10. Shina says:

    Ram it is easy to say that Maddy is not the right person. If you are pointing out at Hirani’s casting skills you should also say who would fit the role best ….. dont simply complaint…. propose who would fit the bill 😉

    And one more thing there are few things I would like to point out. Please give your opinion on them:
    1) How did Amir placed the spoon at correct place, without knowing where the senior is pissing at the door in the ragging scene, when he shut his door??
    2) What a coincidence that Kareena will be getting married on the same day, when Rehan and Raju set out to find Amir and that Kareena waited for 5 years long to marry the same guy SUHAS and even he dint get married to anyone else for 9 years long??
    3) How come Phunsukh Wangudu become a scientist, when the degree was on Rancho’s name?
    4) Amir uses his cell phone to receive an emergency call from Raju’s mom to take Raju’s father to hospital, but in the scene where Rehan and Amir steal the question paper from Kareena’s dad’s office he prefers to make a call from office’s phone. What happened to his presence of mind at that time, which he displays throughout the movie??
    5) When it was raining heavily and when every body was drenched how come they managed the electrcal appliances with all wet hands? It is the basic law that machines should not be operated with wet hands.

    Waiting for your response…..

    • ramcsays says:

      @Shina: Woah Woah, good analysis and sorry i dont have any response to ur points. But i watched it as a movie which is the medium of entertainment.If u think these points for every movie i think there will be a lot of loop holes in every movie. I say these are not loop holes but they intended to be put in the movie for entertainment. For the points u raised i can put them in this way..

      1) If Aamir khan hasn’t put the spoon at that point then what would have happened? The senior would piss and pull him out and the story would have in the other way..but the script was not written in that way.ok

      2)If you say this a coincidence then i can say that when Aamir met kareena why was she single? Why didnt she get married when she met him? Why that only these people are room mates? And why was kareeans marriage on Sept 5, when it was time for these idiots to meet at that place? Have any answer, its just written in that way thats it… the director wanted to run the story this way….

      3)And coming to the scientist point – A scientist never ever wants a degree to become one.. its just his talent is what makes him a scientist… I can say Mr.Bill Gates is a scientist but he never had his degree, ru clear?

      4)Good one – no response for this – The director wanted the Dean to know that there is some chaos going on and he put that in this way… may be some other option could have worked..

      5) And sorry i didnt like the climax part so i even never mentioned in the review , and no comments…

      And good comments Shina – i enjoyed reading ur comments.I dont know what the directors response on these if u ask him…:-)

      And my point was not that Maddy was bad – but Maddy was a seniors artist and got good name in the south – he need not pull his pants down and show his underwear for the sake of making the role lively.Compare Maddy’s previous roles in bollywood such as in RDB and GURU – he was or main reason for the story to run isn’t it?

      Instead of Maddy – Arshad Warsi him self would have done the role with also giving a comic touch to the role.The percussionist in the movie Rock On (Channel V’s VJ – i dont remember his name) would have done better.

  11. sriwidu says:

    I personal feel that sidharth would have been a better choice for maddy role.Given the young look the character required.

    • ramcsays says:

      @Sriwidu – He might be a better option than Maddy but not the best one. And even sid would have neva accecpted that role :-).

      • Sriwidu says:


        I don’t think we can put forth our opinions and be confident that an actor would not accept a particular role.It depends on his/her discretion…..

      • ramcsays says:

        @Sriwidu: I am saying this as Siddarth when asked for RDB he initially not accepted and the director wanted only Siddarth for that role,so Siddarth wanted his role to be of more important and he made that.And also he got many other Bollywood chances after that movie but he turned down just becoz he was not interested and the character was not good. So seeing this i did expect and i think its for sure that Sid will not accept this role. Wat say….?

      • Sriwidu says:


        that is one aspect of intrepretation but we can’t really say for sure.

        Good that you know who am i….but keep calling me as sriwidu….forget 760…

  12. santhosh says:

    nice one…a few things in my opinion r diff…maddy doing that role was good as the story required farhan nt maddy and he suited it. climax is in ladakh. Aamir has jus one song to himself and all the others wer almost on everyone. I felt everyone was given importance…this is my opinion and may be i am pointing out so many bcoz i loved the movie…:P

    • ramcsays says:

      Yes you are write that even Amir has one song, but the character weightage is more for Amir, and i was pointing maddy was used for that role which anyone would have done, so why Maddy. As we know how good actor he is. Anyways the movie is overall good.

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