Tone of an Individual of the State..on the present situation.

  • This post has been contributed by Mr.Pavan Kumar.You can comment here and he will reply to your comments. I will have my response at the earliest for this post.
  • Mr. Chidambaram Hon. Home Minister of India declared that ‘The Indian government will start the process for the formation of Telangana state”. This statement is a jolt to the unified Andhra Pradesh. This leads to the political chaos in the state. There are 4 main reasons for this uncertainty in the state.
  • This is the time when everyone realized the importance of a strong leader to the state no matter which political party that leader belongs. Everyone recollected the role of Dr. Y.S.Raja Sekhar Reddy who stood for unified Andhra Pradesh. After the demise of such a great leader the Andhra Pradesh state went into political crisis. K.Chandra Sekhara Rao once made a statement that “Y.S.R is the only obstacle for the statehood of Telangana. If he is not there I will get Telangana in 100 days”. This is happened exactly even without a single day difference. No one knows where it is a scripted drama or it happened accidentally. Mr. Rosaiah Hon. Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh failed to continue the spirit that Y.S.R maintained for unified state. He did not show cased his views at high command properly. No doubt he is an intelligent person but that did not help the state to avoid bifurcation. All the people who don’t want Mr. Jaganmohan Reddy as C.M., tries to convey that Mr. Rosaiah has got all the required experience and worked with many chief ministers. Every one accepts that he can not be a good political leader. So that resulted in all the chaos.
  • Second reason is the role of Central Government. The time they made the declaration made the people anguish who favors unified Andhra Pradesh. People recollected the times when India gets freedom from British rule. People started questioning themselves “Are Telangana and Andhra people are similar to India and British”? No one understands why the centre has to announce the decision at that time. Did the central government can’t find 15 minutes time during day time to announce the declaration? Are they so busy? The reason they had given they are apprehensive of the situation that may happen on 10th Dec. If that is so how can they take a decision at the last minute on such critical aspect?
  • Lot of questions is going through people’s minds. Why they haven’t informed alliance parties? Did they forget that there is a UPA government at the centre not congress government? It’s minimum ethics for such an oldest and largest party to take your alliance parties into consideration for any critical decision.
  • Congress has become strong in the country. It won in many states. Congress has succeeded in using B.J.P. internal conflicts for its strong ness in the country. Ms. Sonia Gandhi, chair person of U.P.A obviously might think that she is supreme of the country. She might have think that any decision she takes everyone should accept her decision without considering people’s desires. Andhra Pradesh is not a cake to cue on Sonia’s birthday. She is paying now for her over confidence. How can just there people decides to split the state in just three sittings in a day? Did they do enough exercise? All these questions are unanswered.
  • We have to pity for the Chief Minister of A.P. that he is not even informed about that central government’s decision. That’s really too bad and very shameful to the sate.
  • Let’s leave about K.Rosaiah. What M.P.s belongs to Andhra and Rayalaseema were doing in Delhi. They were totally failed in convincing the centre against the separate statehood for Telangana. In fact there are 4 union ministers who haven’t done anything in this regard. Telangana MP’s worked as a team and they strongly show cased their demands to Sonia directly. But Andhra and Rayalaseema MP’s expressed their views to Veerappa Moily instead of Sonia. How can they think that Veerappa Moily is able to convince Sonia? Will Sonia listen to Moily?
  • Sonia did not even responded quickly after the political crisis ruled that state. Is it a simple issue if 148 MLAs resigned in a state for a single cause? Is it not a matter of importance? She did not even bother to spend some time on this matter. Congress spokes persons started saying that this kind of resignations are common in such issue. How can they take so light? That means they are not respecting people’s aspirations. What is the need for a government Servant Pillai to make confusing statements? Simple reason for all these is that nobody at centre respects Telugu people. MPs should have resigned to intensify their stand for Unified Andhra Pradesh. Then Sonia will definitely react speedily.
  • Telugu Desam party is also the culprit for this issue. Just to gain votes they had a tie up with T.R.S in 2009 elections. They are not committed for Telangana State. But highly political brain .Mr. Nara Chandra Babu Naidu wants to become chief minister and for that he is ready to do anything. If he is really committed for Telangana why he is not supporting it now and smartly trying to blame Congress. Whose fault is this?

The solution for all these problems:-

  • A strong leader should become the C.M. of the state. Congress is under one roof in the Andhra Pradesh and India because of strong leadership (Y.S.R and Sonia). No matter how good that leader, but he/she should be strong in decision making and implementing their decisions.
  • It’s evident that as long as politicians don’t show commitment towards the development of down trodden community these kinds of demands for separate states will be arising in the country. So parties should focus on up lifting the backward areas.
  • T.R.S party definitely knows that Telangana will not be formed over a night when they have established as a political party. What they should have done in the last 8 years is focus on your people’s problems. What was your fight with the government when you are asserting that people of Plamaru are migrating to other gulf countries? When you have joined the government with the Congress in 2004 what were the steps taken by you to develop Telangana region? If they are really want the development of Telangana it’s straight question to them what were their efforts for the last 8 years for Telangana development? One should realize that they are just merely trying to find political employment out of people sentiment. All political parties should make the Telangana people to realize the credibility of K.C.R. Who has fought for ‘Pranahita Chevella’? It’s G.Venakat Swamy from Congress but no body from T.R.S. When Maharastra government is constructing dams on the Krishna illegally it’s T.D.P who has given minimum fight on the issue. Of course T.D.P is also not that committed in that issue. Even they just want to get advantage of the issue. If you just ask K.C.R about the development in the Telangana he simply says only separate state is the solution. But it’s of least importance for him to develop Telangana for the last 8 years. 8 Years is the enough time to develop any region. All the leaders in the state including telangana Congress leaders should focus on developing the region in a strategic way.
  • There are backward areas in North Andhra, Rayalaseema (Anantapur is one highly drought area in the country). So government should come up with 5 years plan to up lift all these back ward areas.
  • Ger more funds from Central. When one M.P. Rahul Gandhi gets so much central funds for Bundelkhand why can’t our M.P.s? Get more funds and work with the central government closely to solve each problem. In Nalgaonda district there are lots of Floride affected areas which can be freed from Florine if the government makes little efforts.
  • Let leaders do fast unto death for the resolution of people’s problems. All party’s high commands should give a clear direction to the party leaders to elude the blame game. What was happened before 50 years is immaterial now. Over the 50 years many things have changed and now Andhra Pradesh has got it’s reputation in the world. So it’s highly illogical to talk about the situation 50 years back.
  • T.R.S. and other Telangana congress leaders should stop trenchant attack on non telangana people. Andhra people are being blamed several times with very dirty language and it will surely destroy the harmony of our Telugu family. Till now Andhra people never uttered such worst language about their brothers and sisters in Telangana. Anyways in the present political crisis all the region leaders should maintain silence for some days which will restore the peace in the state. Already developments are stopped in the state and Hyderabad image is getting badly effected outside.
  • Centre has to make a clear statement that government respects all area people’s sentiments and will proceed further with the acceptance of people. It should be very careful in making the statement which should be acceptable all stakeholders. For a party which has got 120 years of history it’s not that difficult to make everybody quite with their statement.
  • Government jobs are very minimal in the current scenario. Most of the jobs are in the private sector and private companies provide employment based on skills but not region. So Telangana should focus on giving required skills for her men. That will solve the problem. 610 G.O. should be implemented immediately. Already enough ground work has been done at length in Y.S.R.’s government to implement it. So government should take immediate steps to implement it even if they face any struggle from few employees.
  • Focus on Adilabad agency areas and encourage public private partnership in providing quality education and health. Also U.P.A government’s “Work for 100 days” should be implemented transparently.


k.Pavan Kumar.

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1 Response to Tone of an Individual of the State..on the present situation.

  1. srikanth says:

    @pavan kumar
    you were saying Late YSR was not in favour of formation of telangana state ,then why did he made alliance with TRS(which was formed on a single point agenda of formation of state of telangana) in 2004 elections,after coming to power why did he ignore the promises he made .. is this the quality of Great leader(in your opinion) to get to power at any cost forget what he promised, you can check video’s of his speeches in 2004 election campaingns saying i am not against formation of telangana( even though officially).
    Even in 2009 elections he didn’t say in public (Atleast at public meetings in telangana) that i am not in favour of telangana,from your post you are trying to say that telangana people are not in favour of telangana state,then why did your great leader didn’t dare to say what he feels from within that he is not in favour of formation telangana,because people will not vote congress if says so ,he will not be in power which is important to him than anything else.
    Without having minimal knowledge that people from different country are called foreigners in a country and saying people from andhra region will be Foreigners if telangana is formed (In election campaign in andhra region after completion of polling in telangana region) is this the Great ness you think.
    Was he not aware that formation of a state well within the boundary of constitution of india,any one from india does not need to get a visa to come to telangana if it forms.

    And all the 148 M.L.A’s who resigned you were saying for a cause ,what did they do when their respective parties have passed resolutions in favour of formation of telangana (Congress left it to their high command to decide ,TDP passed a resolution in favour of it, PRP also passed a resolution).
    And you were saying enough ground work has been done to implement G.O .610 , you suggest it to implement it now ,do you think will it be implementable in realty after 6+years of ground work (still going on)and which was issued 20+ years back ,which is well qualified to get guinness world record for issued but un implemented G.O’s in independent india.Those got jobs also retired i guess ,and but still ground work was strong under a great leader and a subsequently under a good politician but not a great leader .
    And you were trying to project telangana is the only demand of K.C.R and TRS ,which is not.
    i want to correct you that Maharashtra is building dams on river godavari(Babli dam)not krishna.

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