AVATAR – A Journey into the Planet – PANDORA

It is not a movie – Yes it’s a Journey into the planet PANDORA. It’s the work of imagination; it’s the work of mere Innovation, its excogitation, its AVATAR. James Cameron’s latest flick AVATAR is out of bounds of world cinema from the current trend. He has shown on screen what people expected to see after a decade or so. Creation of the NAVI – the way they look, the body language, the Animal race on Pandora and many others things. The most expensive movie ever. The film with the wildest, most breathtaking and out-there digital effects any director has ever thought to make. The movie redefined the future film making. The film is triumph of visual effects. By this you can understand that how AVATAR is. Go watch the movie – sorry… Experience it.

 The story is set in 2154. The Human Race wanted to extract the mineral deposits . (Here Cameron has also predicted the future of Earth that the minerals on Earth will become extinct). They select a planet Pandora where they can get huge mineral deposits and they can save the Earth. But the challenge is normal Human Being cannot breathe on Pandora, so under the scientist named Grace they create a NAVI looking Human Being. Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) will be selected to be sent on to the Planet and persuade the race there. But Jake when becoming a member of that Race falls in love with Neytiri (Zoë Saldana) understands their feelings and their love toward the nature. So after all he fights for them against the Sky People (Human Beings).

I have seen this in IMAX 3D and was in trance for the whole day, just looking the creation of James Cameron. Every single aspect of the movie was amazingly extraordinary. The background score was apt for the movie and was stunning (basically we don’t concentrate on the music while seeing this movie as we will be engrossed in the movie). But while Jake Sully first takes over the flying creature he will be flying all over the Pandora – at that scene it’s a rejoicing experience. Here we cannot snub the role of technical department as they made it possible; they made it look on screen what James wanted to see. Cinematography is dazzling as it melts all the visual elements into a science-fiction whole.

 AVATAR will surprise everyone with an endless amount of unparalleled optical elements.

 Bottom Line – Merely, Avatar is the most visually fantastic film I’ve ever seen. It will be hailed as the groundbreaking 3D release of its time while setting a new standard by which all blockbusters are measured. Yes, it’s that fantastic.

Finally its a message how Americans exploit others for their own benefit :-). Its a message for not cutting down the Nature any more – Nature is gift for us. 

The man whose idea of AVATAR—->

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