Magnificent Magadheera – Review

magadheera-wallpaper000004We have seen Russell Crowe –  Ridley Scott’s Gladiator,   John Butler – Zack Snyder’s 300 , Brad Pitt – Wolfgang Petersen’s Troy and Jackie Chan – Stanley Tong’s The Myth , Now it’s time to see RAMCHARAN-S.S.Rajamouli’s MAGADHEERA. It’s a definite watch for everyone. You can see some outstanding performances, awesome cinematography by Senthil, Good Music by M.M Keeravani and spectacular art and Stunning Direction. The reincarnation stories are seen before but I bet you would have never seen a movie like Magadheera in the Indian Cinema. I am very happy that Tollywood is making such movies and presenting it to the Audience, thanks Geetha Arts.

Well, it’s a story about reincarnation of a warrior of a kingdom and the princess of the kingdom. The story is set in Udaygarh (shown as 400 years back) which ends with an acerb note (the warrior never expresses his love for her) and they incarnate in the present to requite their deaths. The story also involves a lewd guy who plays as a bad man in the past and in the present too.

The character Kala Bhairava played by RamCharan suited well for him and did extra ordinarily well. It’s just the incipient time for RamCharan, but we can see the how he played the character with maturity and with ease. It may take some time for him to fit in the image of his father but definitely he’s gonna make it!! He executed his dancing skills with perfection and important thing; yes he does good acting too. The action sequences are stunning (the 100 soldiers fight) and S.S.Rajamouli gets the credit for that but he needs someone to execute it the way ne needs and Charan (May) did exactly what Rajamouli wanted. His horse riding capabilities added extra showcase. Kajal a new heartthrob for many people was beautiful and dealt with the character Mitra (Princess) with ease. SriHari was awesome in his role especially in the second half (may be his role both in the first half and second half were less but they were meaningful). The comedy tracks from Suneel and Brahmanandam were disappointing and the director could have used them well. But it never, in the whole movie did show lacking of comedy. That’s Rajamouli! Well, I used to get Goosebumps in every Rajamouli’s movie (mostly just before Interval or some time), but I didn’t get any except in the scene of fighting 100 soldiers. That’s magnificent work by the director, and the actor too. The back drop of Idol of Lord Shiva was an extra attraction to the sequence. One of the scene I want to mention in the climax where Charan expresses his love (by beating the drums – sorry I don’t know what to call themJ ) and gets disappointed when Kajal leaves, his expression was emotional and showed the essence of the movie that it (the reincarnation) is just for LOVE. The only reason.

The next important thing I liked in the movies is the technical aspects of the movie. (We can see the 50 Crore budget in the movie). The cinematography was awesome in capturing many scenes. The song (Dheera Dheera was simply awesome with the art (the settings – Must Watch on 70 MM screen). The horse riding scenes were brilliant, Senthil captured well and it was definitely Rajamouli’s Mark. The vibrating effect of the camera in those riding sequences was awesome.

We can see some jumping activities in some scenes which are taken with the help of ropes like we see in many movies. But the mark (an S.S.Rajamouli Film) makes the difference. (They were dissolved in the movie).

Bottom Line: – May be not a master piece but magnificently done. Worth watching. You can see especially the technical brilliance in Magadheera.

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16 Responses to Magnificent Magadheera – Review

  1. Lalitha says:

    Ok then 😦

  2. Lalitha says:

    I belive he is in a dream

  3. Lalitha says:

    Ram charan face ki 20 crores avasaram
    ledu.some scenes were so totally dramatisied,the climax is the worst,low budget movies are so simple and beautifully potrayed,and they are way better than magadeera.sekhar kammula movies especially Godavari omg what a great movie 🙂

  4. Lalitha says:

    No I understood it the first time ,but the ending is a cliffhanger,it leaves you in suspense.oh my god 50 crore budget ahh .picha valaki ..they. Could have gave to the poor people.stupid people.

    • ramcsays says:

      Movie teeyali anukunnaru teesaru , antey , manchi movie teeyali anukunnaru so 50 cr avutundi and poor people antava, chala mandi unnaru kada , ex ambani anta pettti 27 floors kattalsina avasaram enti? he could have given to poor people ante ela untundi idi antey…. adi matter 🙂

    • ramcsays says:

      and ending Inception gurinchi matladava? Ending is pretty clear – Its like see at the ending he will in the same level where first he went into the level-1(at that time the totem would fall down) now also he is in that level so we can think that he is in reality – that is what i think 🙂

  5. Lalitha says:

    Well sir did u watch inception,could you please write a review,it is a very confusing but magnificent movie…

    • ramcsays says:

      Yeah i have seen Inception and its awesome, u must see it to believe it!!! now i think i cannot write .. as many people have written many things – magnificent movie – need to see a couple of times to understand it!!! So watch it again

  6. Lalitha says:

    Lol no I doing medicine,actually ga Naku half dialouges eh artham ayindi.Ok ramcharan effort 5% rajmoli 95%.I think this is a fair share…u should have been the hero instead of ram charan

  7. lalitha says:

    personally, it rajmoli sir effort…not ramcharan 😛
    worth watching once 🙂

    • ramcsays says:

      @Lalitha: Rajamouli sir??? hope ur not from the industry…. 🙂 ,
      We cannot just say ram charan has nothing to do with the movie – he has some part of credit to be shared…

  8. Ram C says:

    Yes, i should have written,forgot to mention that after Bommarillu, i have seen situational songs in Magadheera.And you can see i have written about the song “Dheera Dheera..”. And chiru entry antava, frankly saying i liked it less.

  9. santhosh says:

    nice one ra…apt and simple…u shud hav written something abt all the songs and chiru also…

  10. Vinay says:

    Well try!

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