Kalavaramaye Madilo – Movie review

wp-22kalavaramayemadilo800Many of us should know the importance of the Indian Music, how beautiful it is and how elegant it is and many such things. In this era of modernization we forget the beauty of melody created by Flute, tabla, the veena and many such instruments. Today people like to learn Guitar and drums (very few show interest in Flute and tabla etc) but how many of them know the basics of the Music (The Saptha Swaralu-SaReGaMa, the Ragam and the Sruthi….). There are many people who sing  just having  good voice, but there is difference between people who sing with knowledge of  the basics and people without.

Well “Kalavaramaye Madilo” tells about that difference. It’s basically about the greatness of Indian Music and tells how a person with good voice can make a difference with knowledge of  the basics and how they can sing with élan.

But this is not all, what is important is this is a movie and the troop are trying to bring it to the Audience to show all these. But they should have thought very carefully before presenting it to the audience .They could have taken more care in some of the aspects like the Cast, the cinematography, the script and screenplay,but they have lagged in that .

Coming to the storyline… Shreya (Swathi) is a good singer with good voice and she has a dream to sing in one of the A.R.Rahman composition.But ,once she will be insulted by an old musician (Vikram Gokhale-Aish’s father in Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam),here she will be discouraged and want to learn music with him and wants to know where she lags.In the due course ,she meets Kamal. (UK Return) and  chemistry between them ……In the mean time  manages to learn the basics of Music with Vikram Gokhale and she at last manages to win a chance to sing in AR Rahman’s composition (don’t ask me in which way she got the chance –because this the final shock the movie gave me for what I have thought what and why am I watching this).

Overall the experienced actors were good at delivering their performances, taking Tanikella Bharini has made justice to his character.Vikram has done his job ,ofcourse Swathi – she was good at her character, Kamal should have been better. Well  the director has justified his intentions just by having a twist in the second half.(Sorry cannot put it here).


1. The voice of Vikram Gokhale has been given by the Maestro SP Balasubramanyam. And it was awesome.
2. And Swathi’s freeness in acting was good (this was the saving grace of the first half of the movie).
3. Songs – Not bad and not good even.
4. The Reality show part of the movie, many were saying that how can some show being shot now can be seen live? May be this cannot be taken as a negative point of the movie as the same concept was also followed in Slumdog Millionaire , but people accepted it. Rite?
5. Showing the importance of the Music  was good.
6. The dialogues were good and inspirational but the situation did not support the sequence , apart from that just the dialouges were very good.

7. Why the star cast has been selected in that way? (Swathi being very short and kamal being very tall).The director had to substantiate it.
8. As the movie revolves around Swathi and there is no importance given to the male lead actor –anyone can do the same what that actor has done.Then a hero  who can suit Swathi’s personality  should have been casted. For me they were looking like brother and sister rather than a couple.
9. The cinematography was out of question, it is one of the important reason of the movie for not impressing the audience; Majority of the scenes were blurred and the camera man failed to capture the beautiful locations (one song shot in Kerala on boat in the water).
11. The director should know that when there are no such sequences , the  success of the movie lies upon the shoulders of the cast by which people watching the movie should not get bored or seeing their performances.
12. Why the open shirt for Kamal in a song? Just to show that he too has six pack?
13. How can a person enter directly to finals of a reality show in one day?

Bottom Line :-  Good concept but not a good movie.It would have been good if the the presentation of the movie  was just dramatic or just as a comercial piece.But the director has failed as he wanted to make the movie as a drama and comercial piece simultaneously due to which ,the reception was not good.

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  1. So tall guys should not love and marry short girls ani antaav. Niiku naa laanti tall guys competition ani kullu ra kullu.

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