LUCK – Hindi Movie Review

luck-movie-posterBasically I don’t understand why these types of movies are made in Bollywood. Movies which are sense less ,meaningless and involve just 2 or 3 item songs and shoot in different countries for no reason and which the movies makers themselves don’t know what they want to portray and what they expect from the movie goers.

LUCK is one of the devastating movies I have seen in recent times and one among the movies which has the characteristics mentioned above. It has many well known names like Sanjay Dutt, Mithun Chakraborthy, Danny Denzogpa and coupe of budding actors and actresses. But did they utilize them, definitely not, in this Movie. A small idea of LUCK cannot just take the movie on its own, (whatever happens, portrayed that it was due to LUCK – how “lewd”). I think this is enough to say that watching this movie is a feral experience and people who are clever enough will not continue reading this review.

Well LUCK has a stale story line with bizarre sequences. Mousa (Sanjay Dutt) is a made up guy roaming keeping luck in his pocket. He hires Danny Denzogpa for which he wants him to search for some people who have luck in their lives. He then follows Ram (Imran Khan) and make him accept his invitation to join hands with him so that he can get a lot of money (Ram will be flaccid situation for which he accepts the invitation). In the same way some other people all over the world (one of them will be Ayesha -played by Sruthi Hassan). And then he makes them to play games (Ghastly games which involves killing people among themselves and whoever is survived are considered to be lucky). He bets their luck in the market and makes money. (If you have seen Death Race you can easily understand the concept- concept of online betting). Some of the Zealot characters will come and go in the middle of the movie and movies ends with the remaining people (Obviously who will be remaining without being dead – Imran, Sruthi, Mithun) and the movie ends showing these people get their promised money and become rich. If you want some more tardy sequences, go and watch the movie and make sure that you not make fun of this movie in the cinema and don’t think “Why the Hell I have seen this movie”.


  1. It is also one of the movie which opens with the Dialogue saying “MUMBAI….. yah ape aisa hei , waisa hei , yeha pe paisa woh hota hei , yeh hota hei….” What a crap, what does the directors want to show saying his intentions with connecting a City? (The movie does not involve a single sequence which is connected to Mumbai – everything is out of country).

2. Sruthi, what is she doing acting in such films, I ask her not to spoil the Image of her Legend father. May be she is incipient; she should take care of career not only as a budding actress but also as a daughter of a Legend in Indian cinema (Dr.Padmasree Kamal Hassan).

3. Same applies to Imran khan, well he has done justice to his character (definitely it was a sedulous effort by Imran Khan). But he has also an option taking tips from his uncle who is well versed with creative thoughts and with good film making.

4. The character Mousabhai suited Sanjay Dutt well but that too was abated. The character of Mithun Chakraborthy as a Army Major was weltered and there was no option left to make his character exotic.

5. How can a director or a Bollywood movie make huge mistakes like this or are they just taking everything for granted thinking the Audience will precipitate any crap they show. Some of them are :-

a)Train sequence which was supposed to be in Cape Town (in the movie), it was shot in some part of south Indian location – a small village. In the 15 min sequence I have seen, 1) a board written in Tamil. 2) Brown colored iron poles (carrying current wires) which are seen in still some parts of India. 3) Ambience which every person will recognize that it was shot in India. May be the director had forgotten in which location he has to shoot the action sequence or may be budget was not sufficient to shoot in South Africa (place where the entire movie was shot – These were the comments heard in the hall he he…)

b) How can a helicopter appear whenever it wants or let’s say where ever it wants? In one sequence when Imran Khan rejects a deal and turns around and leaves, a helicopter appears suddenly from bottom and Sanajy Dutt will be seen in that. (Will the noise made by the helicopter will be that low that when a person sees with his eyes a helicopter in front of his eyes will notice that someone has come in helicopter. WTF )

c)Landing a Jet Plane on the train just like that. Wow what a brilliant idea.

6. Dialogues were like, forcibly told by the actors where they were not required. The dialogues were phlegmatic and were told with banality.

7. It was unnecessary time taken for the introductions of all characters one by one on the screen ( just creating a void to introduce them – it was like models walking on the ramp one by one and at last come with the designer together.

8. It is portrayed in the movie that whatever happens in any person’s life it was just because of LUCK , but the justification was not justified J

9. The most humorous part of the movie was the climax- Sanjay Dutt shoots Imran on his left part of the chest, but Imran will be saved as usual but the director has made the case bit more humorous by showing that Imran’s heart is not present on the left side of his body but is present on the right side of the Body and the Doc says he is lucky enough that he is saved just because of this reason. Well further going forward we may see lungs at the bottom and liver at the top , brain at the elbows , wat say???? Just kidding guys..

Bottom Line: – Sruthi was not lucky to make this as her Debut movie , Imran has no luck as this film is a block buster and people who have seen this movie including me were not lucky.

Watching LUCK is an unlucky experience.

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  1. santhosh says:

    Dude thats a nice review in terms of ur vocab…bt u r not supposed to leak out the climax of the story…like imran’s heart, ppl wud be killed, who wud be left in the last and blah blah blah…review ante athadu cinema lo MS.Narayana dialogue untadi okati(jayamalini…i hope u got that)…it shud be like that…anyways nice work…God bless u…

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