When Help is Most Needed!

front_coverWhen a friend of mine who is a US return was chatting with me ragarding his experiences in the US , he mentioned a Incident on one long weekend when they were returning from NewYork met with an Accident. But due to God’s grace it was a not a major Accident but people sitting inside the car were shocked and were bleeding in some parts of the Body.But ok not very serious.
One of his friend was bleeding fron nose. Just then before knowing what has happened they herad a siren and these people were already out of the car.They have seen it was an Ambulance (felt how the hell they knew this) took them and at the same time a Police Patrol car was already there.One of the police official enquiring abot the Accident.
They were taken to the hospital and as everyone except one(whose node was bleeding) was ok , so they took him to the OT and asked one of his friends to come with him(so this guy went with him). They were very happy to see a Indian Doctor. He was talking with dignity and these people felt that they have found a family member.He was talking in regional language (Telugu) and came to know that the boys were from Hyd and he himself introduced his name , profession and the City he came from (Vizag). He has checked the boys condition and gave a confidence nod that everything was OK and he intoduced to the OT staff and gave a pleasant smile and left. The other OT staff(Not indians) were also very generous and helpful till they came out of the hospital.
They thought that the Doctor was very generous and helpful because he is an Indian.But to some extent they were not satisfied with the conclusion they made as the other staff were equally generous.
They came to know that it wasn’t that feeling of same land but it was ‘American Law requires all Hospitals to examine and treat anyone who needs emergence medical care as soon as they are brought in’.And at the same time treatment needn’t required to be free;but it cannot be delayed or the case of morotorium.In the US hospitals and physicians who refuse to treat such patients pay fines.

Is it the same in our own INDIA? here GOD only knows how many accident victims die because of accidents every year and due to improper or immediate care is not available.Many Hospitals try to temporize the situation unless they can put down enough cash .And what is the Govt doing for this kind of dormancy? If it has left for State Govt , how many states are following these?

What is happening today in all govt hospitals and Private hospitals?
Private hospitals are jsut hungry of Money and Govt Hospiltals out of Box. If a patient dies and may be or may be not if it is a Doctors fault and if the Patients Relatives are running into tears and if they man handle a Doctor ; as a reason for his relative death , can a doctor cant justify ? Now all the doctors go on strike just saying that that person should apoligize. How ridiculous -their relatives are in situation where no one can predit what is running in their mind and now these doctors ask for apoligize and make strikes? This will also lead to other regions in the city.

In Hyd in one of the Govt Hospital saw a attendant scolding a poor patient for his sickness and asking him to get out of his sight in a brutal language. So why the hell hopitals are? Are they for healthy people? Yes people like these patients will come. It is the staff duty to treat them.
And one patient came with CM relief fund letter and doesnt know whom he should show and ending up in paying some dilatory person some money to take that letter to the Higher Officials.
In that hospitals i have even once seen people asking to buy gold as they need money for their family persons operation. Who is responsible for this? Poeple come from different rural areas and sleep on footpaths.Media will do their job just snapping them and pasting in their so called Personal Papers( They are not news papers as News Papers have become Personal {Papers of politicians) to counter attack each other.

In Corporate Hospitals also the situation is more worse(as in Govt Hospitals there will be only few hundreds or incipient of thousands rupees.
In one Corporate Hospital my friend has admitted his father and after 7 days(which was actually not required) changed them 40,000 bucks. When questioned they gave an explanation and in that many flaws-One of them was billung for room for the whole 2 days( the night he admitted his father and the morning they dischanged his father – will these days count?) After all quereis and due to counting mistake (Computer counting 🙂 ) the bill has reduced to just around 18,000. WTF is this 22,000 extra? Who woll question?(hospital owned by big persons). Gone with the wind. Ok My frined was intelligent and was Literate. In the same place if some Illiterate oruneducated person.???????????

It should not remain this way there needs to be a change in the way these matters are handled.Wat say – what can be done? Will it change?

Photo Courtesy : – Google Images.

Bottom Line : – This is just a compilation of my thoughts.

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  1. Lalitha says:

    Beautiful piece of writing 🙂

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