Oy!-Telugu Movie Review

mainOy! A sweet romantic love story and a typical Siddarth movie which is not handled well enough and could be done well if some care was taken care of the timing and the screenplay. Well it involves all the emotions present in every movie. The main theme has been inspired (and some scenes) from a Hollywood movie – A walk to Remember. But the director was good at rebuilding the story for presenting to Telugu Audience. But lacking somewhere, the Director was not able to make people sit till the end. The start itself was revealing that there’s going to be something which is very emotional and sentimental (which people already came to know the climax of the movie).The music is the plus point of the movie. Songs were simply good, Yuvan has done it again. The director may be had to re-think regarding the selection of the Lead Actress (Shamili- baby Shamili).
The movie starts with Uday(Sid) sitting on a bench in a bench with back drop people enjoying the party and also a hoarding written as Welcome 2009 and he has some dialogues in which he mentions that Jan 1st is his Birth day and he is not celebrating. And the movie goes to flashback.
Uday is a rich guy lives in OZ and is a reserved kind of girl who thinks life as a long journey and many things can be done in this long life. In the mean span of time story goes on and on Jan1st 2007 they both meet in a Pub.(Uday will be India for the New Year and at the same time it happens to be his Birth Day).In the due course Uday is able to get all the information of SANDHYA and somehow manages to get into the beautiful house of her on the beach as a paying guest. And one particular day on SANDHYA’s Birth day he gifts 12 gifts (11 all different and the 12th one is him itself offering him to her and Proposes her. He gives her a day time to tell her opinion. Before this Sunil (Insurance Agent) approaches to make a policy of insurance and she denies saying she is not having any Nominees so she will not make a policy. After one day Sunil will come home of SANDHYA to hand over the policy to her (the signing of the policy will be shown in a song which is not stressed). But he finds the door is locked and hands over the policy to Uday who is her Nominee Uday feels very happy that she has expressed her love in this form making him the Nominee and not saying through words.
In between we see some shots of SANDHYA going to a Doctor for check up. The same doctor will call Uday and tells him that the Insurance Policy has been rejected of Sandhya as she has Dreadful cancer and needs Operation. He will not tell her and a there afterwards a series of consequences occur where Sunil wants to let her know that her policy has been rejected becoz….(the cancer). But Uday never let it happen.
Uday now wants to show her a life where she has not seen in her life time and makes a list of her wishes .The first one being a trip to Kasi. Here they travel to Kasi in a cruise to Kolkata and then catch a train and then reach kasi. (in this journey they come across Ali ,Praddep Ravat etc.
And blah..blah..the story has been elongated and at last she dies on his(Uday’s) birth day. And the movie goes into the opening point where Uday sits on the bench and movie ends with some typical dialogues. This is the only story line which second half has and can be seen and explained at max up to this level.

The film has not been able to impress the audience and the good side of it has been the beautiful songs and some exceptional camerawork which is the saving grace. The second half loses track completely and leaves the audience disconnected after a fabulous first half.
Cinematography is good. Editing is up to the mark. Dialogues are also up to the requirement. Direction has suffered ups and downs and the production values deserve a very good mention.
Cinematography is good. Editing is up to the mark. Dialogues are also up to the requirement. Direction has suffered ups and downs and the production values deserve a very good mention.
The comedy was ok but it was Sunil so it was relaxing as he adds additional expressions of what the character needs and the connection of Sunil’s phone ringtone (chatrapathi) and Pradeep Ravat was good the director has justified his intention of having the ringtone for Sunil’s phone in the first half.
In the second half the concept of being at two places at one time was not handled well (how can a phone get messages from two different states saying welcome to our state just in a meter distance – This was scene lifted from A walk to remember where it was handled perfectly).

Bottom Line: – Watch it if you are really patient enough and if you find time and don’t find anything and no option is left for you. If you want entertainment this is not the option for you. Go for it if you like the music and love to watch Cinematography.

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  1. Jagan says:

    yes yes i agree you did a review late.

    and hey.. i commented on ur post and went to watch the movie in the evening.
    Came homw jus now and commenting here 🙂

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