Nothing But the Truth – Truth is the most Dangerous Secret

MV5BMTI5Mzk0OTI0OF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNDU2ODUxMg@@._V1_SX214_I have created a likeness for the movies which are based on true events or true stories. Many films have made me a greatest admirer of such movies. And i must mention one of them is ” Nothing But the Truth”

It’s inspired by true events and is a explosive story about a Washington D.C reporter who faces a possible jail sentence for outing a CIA operative Agent and refusing to reveal her source.

I am not concerned about what the Truth is, but i am really impressed with the way the movie was made. This is not a kind of documentary, but it’s a gripping, dynamic drama exactly because of its grandstanding, given valiant support by unflagging talents( the cast in the movie). The lead character in the movie (the journalist) was powerful and brilliantly acted by Kate Beckinsale.

A man leaves his children and goes to a war, they erect a monument on him, A man leaves his family and goes to jail to protect his principle and they name a holiday on him, but if the same is done by a woman, then the woman is a monster. This is all what the movie is about. It is a celebration of the necessity of journalism.

This movie is, more than anything else, about her journey in coming to grips with the fact that personal life is at stake , and that the best she can hope for from here is the name of the Source is not revealed but she can go to jail for at least 2 yrs. Thats where the movie reaches the high pitch and the director has successfully shown the emotions and with the screenplay the audience can understand whats really in the minds of the characters portrayed in the film.

Nothing more to mention and just want to end it saying “its a spellbinding thriller , Do not dare to miss it”

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Go Goa Gone

20130515-090528.jpgAfter making some Shor In the City, the southern director duo of Raj and DK have created quite a buzz with their next venture Go Goa Gone. The film is quite a new genre: Zomcom, for direct Indian audience who are not into US and UK zombie TV series and movies. The film is about how three friends bored with their lives, go for a fun ride to Goa and how they handle flesh eating, blood sucking zombies.

Hardik (Kunal Khemu), Luv (Vir Das) plan a Goa trip when the former loses his job and the latter his girl friend. They are accompanied by their roomie, an innocent Bunny (Anand Tiwari), unlike his roomies who smoke pot all the time. Luv meets Luna (most upgraded version :P) played by Puja Gupta of Faltu fame, and tries hitting on her and later Hardik follows suit. The movie is routine until the Zombies hit the screen, but you are never left high and dry, the hilarious lines and local slang expletives provide the laughs. A new drug is launched in a party organized by Russian Mafia in a nearby island, it supposedly makes them super high and numb; it turns people into zombies. All the hell breaks loose and zombie fun begins then as the three friends and Luna along with Boris (Saif Ali Khan) are the only humans left on the island. How Saif helps them escape the zombie bite and getout of that island is the rest of the story.

Kunal and Vir Das share awesome on screen bonding as best buddies and they succeed everytime they try to make you laugh. Special mention for Kunal Khemu as he pulled off his role very easily, it is his breakout performance where audience go crazy watching him. Anand looks apt as the innocent guy and delivers his lines well. Puja Gupta looks hot in bikini and cool otherwise. She actually has nothing much to do except hold a gun and be a tomboy, while a rocking Saif and his boys steal the show. Saif easily looks Russian mafia with his Russian kinda English and his bleached hair. Although, the movie posters have him ahead of the other guys in the film, its actually Kunal and Vir Das whose lines you remenisce with your friends and laugh out loud. Saif should be appreciated for accepting this small role (although, for her sis’s beau, Kunal). This movie needed someone like Saif to catapult it to a big movie status and big openings.

The other departments have all done a good job. This is one of those movies where almost everything falls in place; the songs are a rage on MTV, the background score – simply apt for a fun on the run movie, the cinematography – Goa…!! its a beautiful landscape and an awesome party place captured true to its sense. The way the director duo captures the hilarious ‘those awkward silence moments’ between a lovely couple before the guy makes his move, shows the directors’ imagination and reminds you of your teenage romance. Simply put, the directors have done a great job instilling a Zombie adventure with a perfect right dosage of the fun and the frolic pill.

Go for it dude..!!


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Gunde Jaari Gallanthayyinde

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Post Ishq Nithin has gone for a complete image makeover. He is choosing scripts which suit his neat and boy next door looks. He essays one such cool role in GJG. Undoubtedly, situational comedy is the USP of the movie and the actors respond well with good comic timing to the director’s convincing narration of a tentaively confusing story.

GJG begins with hero falling for Shruthi, played by Isha Talwar, and gets her phone number through his friend Pandu, played by Ali. Karthik (Nithin) notes down the wrong number which happens to be Nithya Menon’s phone number. All through the first half Nithin uses a bag of tricks to win Shruthi’s heart on phone, while he actually is talking to Nithya Menon. Meanwhile Karthik helps his friend Madhu, played by Madhunandan, win the heart of his dreamgirl which coincidentally happens to be Shruthi. Interval bang turns out to be interesting as the mix up is realized by Nithin. How he sets things right and who he chooses ultimately, Shruthi or Nithya forms a hilarious and bit emotional second half.

Direcor Vijay Kumar does a great job in treating a confusing subject with right dose of humor. He made sure Pawan Kalyan’s fans (who would boost the movie’s business) are thouroughly entertained by remixing Power Star’s song and fusing the famous Kushi interval bang scene into the script very hilariously. The gay comedy scene might be a little too much to digest for family audience, but its okay. He just caters for what audience look for, comedy that gels with the story. Music by Anoop Rubens is not great, but never sounds sour. Couple fo songs need a special mention, the Pawan Kalyan’s remix song, which makes u tap your leg and the title song, which you might hum for a few nights after you watch the movie. Cinematography, camera work are good. The audience might not mind a sharper pair of scissors for editing.

Coming to performances Nithin passes as the lover boy with ease. He dazzled in dances, especially in the Tholi Prema remix song. But its Nithya Menon, who steals the show in the second half with few grey shades to her character. She is a natural actor and looks cute with her expressive eyes, sounds cute too as long as she dubs for herself. She just has to take care of her costumes to hide a few extra pounds, made obvious by her short stature. Madhunandan bags a meaty role and does not let the director down. Infact, he churns out many funny dialogues with good comic timing. Thagubothu Ramesh has a few hilarious punch lines too. Nothing much Isha Talwar does, what she does is good enough for her role. There is an item song where Jwala Gutta tries to set the dance floor ablaze, but falls flat as nothing more than a cheap skin show, which the censor board took care of. One wonders if she looked better on Badminton court.

Add another successful movie to the long romcom genre of Telugu Film Industry. The movie is a clear winner providing laughs for the entire family and a cool 2.5 hours in this hot summer. Enjoy it.

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Adorable movies i watched in 2012

Me, after coming to United States drastically created myself a special interest in different genre of movies. One of which  is the ‘Drama’. I adored watching action movies but the opportunity i got to watch different movies made me re-think that do i like Drama more than action movies? Thanks for Bloomington Library and my job for giving me enough time for watching movies.Well, here are few movies where i started to enorm Drama and Musicals than action movies.

First and foremost, I would go with a classic Musical – Singin’ in the Rain – A Masterpiece. What a glorious feeling. Yes, truly I had a glorious feeling watching this all-time classic. With every single song and each individual scene in the film so indelibly ingrained – watching it with sheer awesomeness. The tap dancing episodes so affectionately embraced the celluloid, you could not take your eyes off the episode.
The movie is about the times of transition from silent movies to talkies. The kind of subtle humor in the film is unique, of its own kind. Remember that the movie was made way back in 1952 and at that time, a master with such imagination would make this movie and the director (who was also the protagonist in this movie) was fantastic in it! This movie is listed in AFI’s 100 years of Musicals and still stands 5th in the best movies ever made list by AFI. I liked the movie so much because –  it was my first movie in this genre and it showed me how a musical can pull you into the movie and you get so involved in it. And yeah for first time watchers like me, it would be a totally new feeling and you will love it..!
I, as an amateur writer constantly struggled to find words to describe how great the experience was, as some glorious moments can only be felt and cannot be described.
I would thank my colleague Chris, an avid classic movie follower, for inviting me to watch this movie and watching it on Blue-ray – was a DELIGHT.
Next in the line is one of the best ever made Drama movie – its the Product of Clint Eastwood, and gosh how does his brain work to make such movies. Its Gran Torino. After watching this i followed his movies Changeling, Million Dollar Baby, Invictus. A truly original approach, seminal unconventional and underivative. Well, yet to watch more of his movies.
ImageUntill I watched this movie – I only heard of him, I just know he is a great actor, his voice such commanding, was the life for any character he portrayed. Yes, I am talking about Clint Eastwood. I never saw any of his movies but this one took me by surprise as how any actor even at the age of 78 could not only direct a movie, but also act and fight. I cursed my ignorance about not watching his movies before, this movie made me search his filmography and now i am planning to watch few of his movies. Also, to my surprise, realised that Million Dollar Baby is his product.
And coming back to the movie – the movie is about a veteran who saves his neighborhood, a Hmong family from criminals in crime – ridden city. And the most important thing in this movie and one should appreciate and love is its Originality. It’s so simple that while watching the movie you will get a feeling that it’s happening right in front of you and you are seeing these in your daily life. How many movies will give you a feeling like that?
My article above about this movie is kept simple with no excited words to describe it, because the movie just happens and you will not get a feeling that you watched a movie for 2 hrs. Watch it to know it!!!
More movies …….Yet to come………………………………………………
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