Is the Legacy carried on..?

Bourne Legacy is based on Robert Ludlum’s novel of the same name, and akin to its previous installments the plot is entirely different from the novel. The movie is based on an intriguing storyline, and when compared to the previous Bourne versions gives an impression that the execution didn’t quite go well. Tony Gilroy who was also the screen writer for the earlier Bourne movies directed this movie. When you are using the name Bourne, which is associated with the most successful non sci-fi trilogy ever made on the celluloid, and pairing it up wih the word Legacy – it ought to carry the magnetism of the character, the plot and the narration.

What is missing in this sequel?

The first and foremost thing is the fascination of the character Bourne in the trilogy, which you look for endlessly in Cross’ character in Legacy. Bourne was man on a mission, whose character hustled through like a missile, whose smart work held the reins and kept us glued to the seats all through. This whole thing was missing in the character Cross. Cross is shown just as an Agent who has got skills to tackle the bad guys which is usual for any CIA Agent. As a character Bourne was a true rarity and potentially villainous. Bourne made us wonder if he possessed any super human abilities but Cross never comes close to impress us that far.

And the next thing were the action sequences – Let’s take the Ultimatum – some sequences like the one shot in Waterloo station in London (the place where the Journalist gets killed), was technically a chase but done in such a realistic way to look something very new to the audience. The brutal slugfest between Bourne and Desh to save Nicky Parsons, the roof top chase – The intensity and momentum of such scenes were definitely missing in the Legacy. Every scene looked so intense and catchy while Bourne mislead the CIA with his shrewd tactics. It was all a prefect cat and mouse race, mouse catching up with the cat, all the time. Whatever Cross does looks predictable and certainly the consequences too. This is where Bourne Trilogy stood out.

The background score is one of the reasons for the Bourne’s earlier movies to be so intensifying and haunting, but it is not the same with Legacy.

And coming to the dialogue part – “You are nine hours behind the toughest target you have ever chased in your life”, “Jesus Christ – that’s Jason Bourne”, “They don’t do mistakes “. This is how the heroic nature of the character gets elevated. Certainly these kinda things were missing in this movie

The other Agents who were assigned to kill Bourne looked equally dangerous and always posed a threat to Bourne’s life, but in Legacy the Agent who is sent to kill Cross never really catches up with Cross and is not as intimidating.  Bourne drove the movie – CIA operated according to his movements, but in here Cross was driven by the CIA.

What’s good in Bourne Legacy? :

The performances. Jeremy Renner as Cross looks good and does what’s expected of him, but I was wondering “Is there any other guy who could have done this role..?” Jeremy Renner has come off age to have pulled off this intense role. Its his characterization and narration that makes him look pale against Bourne but not his performance. Edward Norton has fit the bill as a baddie with his usual good performance.

While Bourne Legacy may not seem as solid as the earlier Bourne movies it’s different in its own way. The legacy is carried in the action department atleast. The only chase in the climax was very well shot and no one would take the eyes off the scene. And the camera work was same as the Bourn’s last two installments. One of the interesting things is the director left a possibility to make a Bourne next, with Jason Bourne in it while indicating Pamela Landy as culprit and Noah Vosen innocent. This may lead the government agencies to get back to the actions of Bourne. As an fan I wish there would be no fifth installment in Bourne Series. Let it be the best Trilogy ever made.

P.S : I referred to Bourne’s earlier movies more often and not as much about the Legacy , that’s understandable how much I liked the Bourne trilogy than this one. This movie is fantastic but its tough to say this indeed is the Bourne Legacy, literally.

Bourne went towards the death for saving himself, Cross, away from death and this, my friends, is the standout difference between the two characters and, the Bourne triology and Legacy.

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