Argo – Astonishing Film

The basic advantage of the movies on true stories is – It has the strong story line and if a good director can put in some effort to make it interesting , intriguing then the movie comes out oustandingly brilliant. Ben Affleck was successful in doing so. Ben Affleck ably kept the story on track without making audience loose the anxiety of what happens next. And the last half an hour of the movie was astonishingly made.

For all this, it would be obtuse to deny how very watchable this movie is is and how powerfully and confidently Ben Affleck socks it over. He handles a big, long picture with directorial calm and strength, and every character’s performance has the same powerful qualities, along with intelligence and dignity. Simply, Argo has the considerable advantage of not looking like everything else around. What a bold, virile, operatic piece of film-making from this director.
To just keep it short Argo is compelling, real story – period thriller and least i can say,  There’s just something satisfying about seeing a movie so well made. Two way Thumps-up.

Argo – F*** Yourself!!!

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