The Epic Conclusion – What is it i am so excited about the movie..

When Christopher Nolan crafted The Dark Knight, the concept of a sequel was in everyone’s thoughts. The movie was second Best Thriller  ever made in Hollywood, Pulp Fiction being rated the first. The director had the idea of the sequel, stakes went higher after the Joker mania and everybody knew its gonna be a block buster straight away. The only mystery was how spectacular would it be and on what grand scale would Nolan unleash (t)his finale.

At the core of The Dark Knight lies the concept of fighting against the bad and evil. For Dark Knight Rises, Christopher Nolan changed the game a little. He chose Tom Hardy for playing Bane to play the antagonist, an intimidating terrorist and every one is expecting something special from the baldie. He brought in Cat Woman, should wait and see what she is gonna do in the movie.

Nolan always had a special place for baddies in his narration and the Joker took it to a whole new level. And if trailer is anything to go by, Bane just promises to up the ante. Bane is the perfect match for Batman, in Nolan’s words. Lets see what more its got.

For TDKR, Christopher Nolan captured mega scenes which could be our wildest dreams, like foot ball arena exploding with over 11,000 fans sitting around and a plane hanging at thousands of feet above the ground, hundreds of people going berserk at the Time Square etc. This a sample of Christopher Nolan brand’s grandeur.

I am particularly looking forward for the scenes captured using the IMAX cameras. Lets watch what’s more exciting.

Combined, the First two parts – The Batman Begins and The Dark Knight offer some of the best contemporary-based fictional action thriller action ever provided in a motion picture series. Although the third, The Dark Knight Rises will  continue the legacy of impressive, big budget action thrillers, its sad that the this would be the conclusion of a riveting series of fictional super hero captured by the one of the best creative genius ever to wield the megaphone.

What makes the movie even more exciting? The trailer, with the score by Hans Zimmer, never fell short of giving you goosebumps. With all of us waiting for the calender to read July 20th, nevertheless we can confidently say that this is going to be an EPIC. A Nolan’s special.

Its surprising that any fictional super hero character is taken this Seriously….. and yeah I Did take it seriously.

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