The Grey – Terrifically Exciting

The Grey is a moving exploration of what happens when everything we hold on to is taken away from us. It is brutal and painful. For about 60 minutes, we will be alone in the forest with the survivors. But it is more impressive than involving and begins to seem more of an acting exercise than a saga about the triumph of the human spirit or the importance of love and family and surviving the beasts.

The desire to survive and survival of the fittest is shown in an fantastic manner when they are in the land of cruel wild wolves withstanding the negative temperatures with snow stroms.

There are some moving and emotional  moments , especially when Liam asks God to prove his existence and now it self. It just shows the pain the Human being has when he is in trouble and how much he is in need of God.

The Grey can be one of the best movies made ,loaded with some of the  intense and brutal scenes of wolves killing the survivors.

Two way Thumps Up!!!

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