Art of Making a Telugu Cinema:- Lost its Charisma?

Foreword: This topic I have written over frustration after watching a telugu movie recently which is a total crap, so below topic its not too professional just a casual scribbling.

Requirements for making a movie in Telugu(not all but most of):

A big star or his relatives or his siblings or his sons, then select a big producer who can invest huge amount of money without knowing why? Select a Heroine who will say “if the character demands I am ok for skin show”, And select a music director and give him money to compose music for six songs (without knowing whether they are required or not) , technicians , book theatres , sometimes decide the name irrespective of what the movie us about, then they go for the Muhurtham of the movie to put it on sets.

Is this all? I think they have missed something, the most important thing; it plays the vital role in deciding the success …guess what is it??? The STORY.

Without this the makers are jumping to make a movie not even knowing when to end this, why they are doing this. Recently a movie which was publicized as saying High budget movie, the producers son himself was the lead for that movie, and guess what the writer of the movie said “On Indian screen nobody has seen such type of story”, after watching that then we can understand what importance they are giving for that important thing before making a movie.

I Recently I have seen another movie starring one of the stars son, he mentioned , in his words “ I was interested in doing this movie as I got a lover boy image and by this movie it will washed away and I wanted be called as a Mass Hero”? Why???? I have seen that movie.. so growing beard , long hair and 6 songs and sense less humor will not make any movie hit.

Lets take some neighbor state movies, especially Tamil movies, recently I have seen a movie which has only two songs which we do not unnecessary and simple humor , but why is this a Hit?? It has STORY, which is the Hero for any movie. Just depend on the story it will show you the result which a 40 crore budgets or any other Mass movie will not show…Why is this possible with some of the movies? What I think is it will very near to the reality which our movies wont, whatever they show will be something very real the environment , the story etc.

We have to even mention about the so called STARS of our film industry, why they want to do the same formula movies? Do they really make them for the people, some people say that they make them for the B and C grade centers, and they get what they invest , but one question doood, why do you need to spend so much then, spend less and make good movies. People see those movies and producers get their money but what people talk about? I asked my car diver (he takes a front seat ticket for whom the industry people call B & C center public) , in his words “ Sir, we just got for movies for time pass so we take the least ticket and will watch movie for 2-3 hrs and will come home and sleep. But these days our telugu movies are worst , I don’t know why they are making such crap(he used word bakwaas) , when dubbed tamil people are making good movies”. So producers question for you, you release with so many prints and you get money and publicize with some cheesy sentences like” All time industry record collections, Veera collections, bumper collections, super duper openings, “ but what about the movie?

Lets talk about our so called stars, before that I have seen a Hindi Movie named as ZNMD , it has a super star who , but he acted in that movie which has equal importance to all the artists , what I say is Hats off to the actor( I am saying actor, not star only we have stars). Keep the stardom aside for some obvious reasons , make good movies, in olden days there were super hit movies , 100 days movies, 175 days, not its not the trend, only collections make movies hit??? Pls don’t say that……

Talked so much about this its never ending so ending it here……………….

PS: For people who say” Dude, movie making is a business , they concentrate on money who the hell want are you satisfied or not”, for them I say if it is called as business , then every business has a basic rule called “Customer Satisfaction” , are they looking for it??? If they say their money their wish , then I say get out of the monopoly which some 4-5 producers having , they book the theaters and they want the theaters to run what these people want to run…. This should happen otherwise The Government  should take some serious action on the monopoly (which is totally according to the law is illegal).

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