Master and the World Cup

1992 world cup – match between two rivals in international cricket India and Pakistan – Team India Batting first ………………………………..

“ Oye Mushe……. Sirf ee ek wicket hei bas hogaya”(Just one wicket, we are done) …..

Wicket keeper Moin Khan alerting the bowler about the batsman in the crease, he was pointing at the18 year old Indian batsman and shouting those words to his team mate leg spinner Mustaq Ahmed.

At that time India’s score was 147/4, still to bat are Manjrekar , Kapil Dev, Kiran More , strong order still but wicket Keeper’s fears were only on the Batsman at the batting end . His confidence was if this man gets out they can complete India’s Innings very fast. But what happened this 18 year old scored “ 54” an innings which no one can forget, and the result India won the Match and this 18 year old guy was declared “Man of the Match” . Mustaq Ahmed had tekn 3 imp wickets but was not able to show his talent with this little Master. It started like that and till now it was a hurricane of runs for this guy in the world cup after that till now (2007).

1996 World cup –

1st match Ind vs Kenya – He scored 126*.

2nd Match Ind vs WI – He was on 26* – Courtney Walsh bowled a body length ball which this guy tried to pull it , but the ball edged and it was up above into the air , the whole WI team was eagerly waiting for this moment , audience were praying to god , people watching TV sets closed their eyes , wicket keeper running behind the ball, as it was the wicket keeper who was after the ball very one in WI team was confident and every Indian lost hopes , but what happened , WI team players were depressed in their emotions , huge noise in the stadium , I jumped out of my seat – what happened – Wicket keeper dropped the catch. They lost the match – He scored 67(don’t remember exactly). Why this one wicket was responsible for these many expressions?

3rd Match – Ind VS Aus: Mumbai – scored 90 , stumped by Ian Healy , Bowled :Shane Warne – and Australians thought they won the match at the moment itself. This one wicket was bothering them.

With Zim , he was bowled at 3 , Zim were happy as if they won the Match.

And it went on – and India in quarter finals with Pakistan – India won again with Pakistan. Scored 31.

Semi Finals – Ind vs SL – Dramatic match – India batting second – was in good position – but something happened in between – something very sad – this little master got out on 67 stumped – 3rd umpire decision took more than 10 Mins. Gone –other batsman lined to pavilion. This one wicket changed the whole scenario. Now we can say how important this one wicket was for everyone playing in the field.

2003 – World Cup:

Will mention two matches Ind VS Pakistan , Ind VS England.

It was a important match for both India and Pakistan, target for India – 274, at that time this guy who we were talking about was named Master Blaster. It suited perfectly well. Everyone was watching eagerly – tension what will happen. Pakistanis fears were also about this Master Blaster, Shoib Akthar was bowling with his full strength , Master has just pushed the ball over to the mid on – 4 runs , 3 (4’s) in an over – Commentator Ravi Shastry’s words “ Every one eating will throw their plates aside and start watching this wonderful innings” And same bowling – same batsman – a SIX to the square off the wicket by the Master , it was stunning – Shaoib was awestruck will was not able to believe his eyes , in less than 4 sces ball went into the Audience. you should watch the match live to understand the significance of that one shot. Shoaib Akhtar was taken out of the attack after that one over. One thing to mention here ‘but before this ODI game he had talked big about how he had it in him to get this Master out early. He had in fact specifically said that he was going to blow the Indian batsmen away’, but what happened?

Pak missed the golden chance: Wasim was bowling – He lifted the ball and Abul Razzak missed the catch in Mid Off. Just after that, Wasim to Razzak “ Ma!@#$%$  tu kiska catch choda hei pata hei kya?”  ( You !@#$% do you know whose catch you missed?)”. India won the match. Need not mention who is the Man of the Match.

One catch – this range of anger? That shows the importance of this one wicket. He scored 98 and what is interesting is Akthar himself had the wicket under his figures.

Ind VS England.

Caddik bowling to Master: Treat to watch this shot. What is more interesting is that Caddik challenged Master about his skills against short pitch balls before the match. When India won a vital toss the following day, Master was in the mood. Curiously, he reserved his most punishing stroke play for Caddick, who seemed putting out that his comments had found their way back to the Indian dressing-room. One short ball was pulled for six; a good-length one pushed back on the up through mid-off for four. By the time Master was out for a 50-ball 52, he had scored 36 of his runs off Caddick – and from just 19 balls. India was off to a flier, and Caddick finished with his most expensive analysis in one-day internationals.

Signature Shot by Sachin – i bet any one would dare to pull that shot moving off the wicket – and Caddik challenged sachin about his skills against short pitch it seems – but the same old dialouge from me “Khuda ke aage style maaretho Khuda ANJAAN dikhata hei” shane warne-steve waugh, mike kasper…ich , shoiab, etc have noticed it!!!

Just watch that shot, it was signature by the Master and no one can even try to forge!!!

So this is all for now , In India we had many players recently in the way of Sehwag,Yuvraj, Raina, Dhoni but , for fans these are all one side this guy is one side. He has his own importance. Do we have any player now whom we can bank on for the whole match?

Who is this guy, the Master Blaster? Once My friend said “ God Wanted to play Cricket and he came in the form of ………………………..” I did not mention his name because what I believe is “GOD HAS NO NAME”

Master’s Statistics in world cup:

Year Matches Runs Avg Highest 50’s 100’s
92 8 283 47.16 84 3 0
96 7 523 87.16 137 3 2
99 7 253 42.16 140 0 1
03 11 673 61.18 152 6 1
07 3 64 32.00 57 1 0
Total 36 1796 57.93 13 4

PS: Statistics and some scores have been taken from the Web from few sites.

Bottom line : Open Google and Type ” GOD OF CRICKET” and see what you will see!!! And if you any other pic other than the guy i was talking about i take back all the above words.


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