Whose fault is this?( Present Situation in Andhra Pradesh…)

Why Telangana Issue came into the Picture and why People Want Telangana-IN SHORT. Going deep it’s an ocean.

Foreword: – It’s a very long post, but I have tried my best to cut thru many points to make this small. Some headings below may not interest you, so be selective in what you are reading. May be I may add some more points to this post.
I closely watched and analyzed the present situation going in AP and this is my take on this.

What is Telangana:-

Telangana was under the rule of Nizam (remember it was separate – before it was rule by the kingdom Telinga – so named after that kingdom). After Independence also it was separately called as Nizam or the Telangana region. That time Andhra and Rayalaseema was under Tamil Nadu with capital – Chennai. In 1956 Sri Potti Sriramulu went on hunger strike for 50 odd days demanding that they need a separate state for Telugu speaking people. He died while he was on strike and chaos situation arouse and the Govt of India was ready for formation of separate state for Telugu people. At that time Andhra Pradesh had only two regions (Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema). But the Govt of India has decided to include the Telangana Region also in this state. But the people refused. But the Govt of India persuaded people convincing them that they will be given equal responsibility, respect and giving some policies called the 2nd SRC.
1. In this it was mentioned that the jobs and posts will be divided among the regions in 60 to 40 % ratios for Telangana and remaining regions of the state.
2. If the CM is from Andhra or Rayalaseema, Dy CM will be from Telangana or Vice Versa.
3. If Telangana people wanted a separate state they can form their own state at any time in the future.
So now it is clear that there no word called people needed “Separate Telangana State” – its falsification of statements. Telangana was already a separate state. So now no body can say that we will not give Telangana, as its not any single political party’s property.
You can go thru this link only if you are interested, gives all the problems and some alternatives which have failed).


http://www.telangana.org/Papers/Article10.pdf (have all the GOs mentioned in the article in here)

What Happened after wards:-

Telangana was suppressed. Its resources have been exploited and revenue coming from Telangana was never used fully for the region rather it was used for the whole state (very short percentage towards Telangana) and Never ever the revenue generated from other regions was used in small percents (may be sometimes) in Telangana. Two major rivers crossing Telangana and entering Coastal Andhra has been used there but never used for the benefits of this region. There is no dam built on the river for the benefit of Telangana (Nagarjuna Sagar was built for mainly for the purpose of coastal Andhra). No agriculture no employment, people migrated to other states for living. People wanted justice. Cutting short due to this people agitated and revolted against the Govt. The then Chief Minister of AP Kasu Bramhananda Reddy suppressed the moment of Telangana and the then Govt killing more than 360 people ( shooting – it was like a Jalianwala Bagh massacre). And note that at the same time GO 36 has been released (You can have a look at the GO at the bottom links are provided).


Everything went well and whatever went wrong with Telangana went unnoticed, from then there were no minister from Telangana in a good position so that he can raise his voice, but unfortunately all were puppets in the hands of CMs and other big politicians. Everything was ok except the people of Telangana who have nothing left for them and also for those families who lost their children’s (most killed were students) or family members lives. And many CMs have been changed and many others came but none was able to bring in the change. Fortunately when Rajiv Gandhi was in Hyderabad the then chief Minister Anjayya and bent and touched the feet of Rajiv Gandhi. Rajiv Gandhi became furious then he blasted the CM saying that “You are CM of this state, behave like a politician”. (Lol how can a CM behave like this and blah blah………). The state was in hands of such politicians.

Then it was time for Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao. (NTR) won the next Assemble elections with a record breaking majority. And went well, in this period GO 610 has been released in 1985. (Link for GO610 is provided below). In short GO 610 is.

1992 After Dec 6th:- Break down of Babri Masjid and Curfew in Hyderabad:-

It was the time of Congress again. Marri Chenna Reddy was the CM. After the Babri Masjid was brought down there was a strike of Riots in Hyderabad killing each other (Hindus and Muslims). The Govt implemented 144 section and curfew in the city. It was reported from Intelligence that people from other region (probably from Cuddapah) were involved in this and were whole and sole responsible for this. (Once Marri Shashidhar Reddy- son of Marri Chenna Reddy too said in an Interview given for I News , that his father used to say that people from Cuddapah came in lorries and were responsible to this to bring down him from the CM’s chair). So there was Law and Order Issue in the city and the CM had to step down as he was not able to manage this situation. The CM wept when he had resigned. Just for bringing down a CM how can people and their leader attain to do this chaos on the name of Hindu – Muslim fight. So shameless on the part of our leaders and we people electing them.

TDP again into power:-

Here we have just one point to be mentioned – NTR has been brought down by his own Son-In-Law (Nara Chandra Babu Naidu) , going into this is again a big story but just remember that one thing that NTR was brought down by his own Son-In-Law Mr.Babu. He has ruled for 9 years and one thing to accept is at that time IT was in boom and they have selected Hyderabad to expand their business. Luckily Mr.Babu was in power. Need to accept that Hyderabad was turned into a beautiful clean and green city under the rule of him.

Again for the consecutive second time Mr.Babu has been elected as CM and this time he was not interested in giving Ministry ship for KCR (no need to introduce who he is).
This was the time TRS has been formed keeping the sentiments of people of Telangana and major Telangana Intellectuals and bureaucrats and many others have joined TRS.
He won the by elections with a stunning majority which surprised everyone including Babu. (So now we can understand that people of Telangana were waiting for a correct foundation to display their Interest). By this we can say that people of Telangana are interested for a separate state.

2004 Elections:-

No need to say that congress has won and they aligned with TRS saying that they will take care of Telangana issues and make justice and also at some times were saying that they are ok for a separate Telangana state.( So everyone knows that there are issues of Telangana people and they need to consider their interests). TRS has also proved its power again. But due to many unknown reasons TRS party was also forgot about their responsibility. So many circumstances and many ups and downs TRS (by elections which TRS has lost badly).

2009 Elections:-

This was a perfect example how confounding our politics are. Third front was created in Central and state and in state TDP+TRS+CPI+CPM against Congress. (Remember TDP and TRS were fighting these elections together). We need to mention here a major point that Megastar Chriranjeevi has started a party PRP. Policies as (mainly to be mentioned Samjika Telangana (For votes???, no body knows what was this for). As everyone knows congress won the election and YSR was CM again and wanted to submerge TRS, TDP and PRP (Operation Akarsha).

Telangana moment was in a period of total submerge ness. After YSR’ death there was a huge political turmoil going on in the state that who should be the CM?. But at last Rosiah was considered for that post by the AICC. (This situation was again a big chaos in the state which takes days to discuss, thank god its ended). But many years ago we know that USA has dropped Nuclear Bomb on Japan and Japanese are still affected due to the side effects of that bomb many years later. The same situation is and may prevail now in the state for not considering a person for CM’s post.

At last CLP meeting was held and one of the points in that were all the MLAs and Ministers accepted and were ok with Telangana.

KCR’s Hunger Strike:-

KCR declared that he will be going on hunger strike on Nov 29th ‘2009, for the state Telangana, and Govt acted immediately and made a big chaos out of the situation. Arresting KCR and other leaders of TRS. Now here is the TURNING POINT. Now the situation is out of TRS hands it went into the hands of our future leaders – Students of Universities. KCR was in hunger strike and students have made the moment powerful. All Telangana leaders form different parties supported this movement.

Some important points:-

1. Chandra Babu Naidu: – We are supporting Telangana Movement. If the centre keeps the bill in Assembly we will definitely support.
2. Chiranjeevi: – We stuck to our policy and we support the Telangana sentiments for a separate state and are ready to held a supportive hand if Centre keeps a bill in Assembly.
3. Other Congress Leaders: – What ever our head – Madam (Sonia Gandhi) says we are ready to accept.
4. PRP leader Shoba Rani went to the place where KCR went on hunger strike and was shouting like hell on support of Telangana. Chiranjeevi also made a statement that he is ok with Telangana as a different state.
5. In Congress CLP Meeting all the Ministers and MLAs have agreed for Telangana and signed on the papers(which later the centre handed over these papers to them once they opposed the Telangana formation)

Many such leaders have made same type of statements.

But what happened? It was all rubbish, started chaos in the state.

This is the atrocious, horrible, grievous politics played ever. Once our Home Minister declared that the process of Telangana state formation is on, the cruelty started. Many MLAs from Andhra and Rayalaseema have resigned opposing this decision. What is surprising here is people who have supported Telangana are now opposing. As you see many thins happened and many statements and protests.

Coming to the Analysis of what happened in the due course.

Congress leaders (Many): – These people first who supported and expressed their positive attitude towards Telangana have revolted against the decision taken by the central Govt. These people say that what ever their Madam (Mrs Gandhi) says its like a Vedic statement. But they are now!@#$ %^&*(. So what happened to their promises made when they said that they will support Telangana? More than 50 MLAs blackmailed their senior party officials at Delhi by resigning to their posts. How awkward.

1485 GO – 120crores sanctioned by the Central Govt. Divided in the following way.

Telangana – 10 Crores and remainign 110 crores for Andhra and Rayalaseema ( 22.5 crores for Vijayanagaram distrcit( Botsa Satyanarayana’s constituency), 13 crores for guntur….) . Was 10 crores was enough, and less than what the funds given to one district are given to 10 districts in Telangana. As per reports there were many GO’s like this

Ministers take on this :- “Yes there were some mistakes done , but we will see from now onwards that we dont commit such type of mistakes and explained saying that Central Govt has released 250 crores , so the next 130 crores would have been divided among Telanagana regions. ( Why not they tried Vice Versa). So due to these type of things some isues like Telangana will come onto the screen.

KCR and TRS:- KCR has started TRS when he rebelled against TDP, after gaining a strong position and being a central minister( Minister for Shipping – later given up ) so why did not he bring pressure on the Central Govt?. Why he always changes his stands? Why he again went and joined TDP knowing that TDP will never ever give Telangana? Why TRS has got rebels when everyone are striving for a single goal – Telangana? KCR as being a Member of Parliament should not use words or talk in that way what he was doing for the past years, his Son, daughter and newphew(Harsih Rao)  are decent in their speaking skills, then why not he? He should not make statements which threaten the common man or if he intends something he should be clear in what he is saying which a decent tone. Where was TRS when (above) such types of GOs(1485) are released?

TDP and Chandra Babu Naidu: – This is a perfect example of what people say in Telugu “Rendu Nalukala Dorini” (Two Tongues speaking different things). Everyone accepted for Telangana and your party has aligned with TRS in 2009 elections – why at that time your MLAs didn’t resign? And the head of the party says that his MLAs are not in a position to listen to him to take back the resignations. I have a question, Sir did you allow anytime anyone to behave such thing to happen? Will you bear that? And, will any one from your party would do that with out your notice?

Chiranjeevi: – Sir you are our Megastar, you are god to some of the people not only in Andhra but as you also know that people treat you as God in Telangana also rite. So lets keep it aside as I am dealing about the political turmoil, so my question is What happened to “Samajika Telangana”. Where is it now? Was it for just votes? Why Harirama Jogaiah did not resign at that time when your party said Samajika Telangana. Was your intention is just getting votes by giving false promises to people. By this (resignation of Harirama Jogaiah) we can say that there is no such thing in your parry policy that there should be something done for Telangana and you also knew that it will not come and even if you come into power you will not give it.

And you said that on changing word “Constitution is itself changing why our policies can’t change?” Actually good way to compare but selected a bad example. Constitution and policies – are they same? And will they change when ever they wanted and to what ever they like and will it be changed once in a month? As when KCR went on hunger strike you were supporting and when centre declared you are changing the word (changed the opinion in less than 2 weeks). And the explanation you gave “We have talked with many bureaucrats and intellectuals, and came to a decision that by separate state we cannot achieve development”. Sir you came to know now, then what happened – why didn’t talk to the so called bureaucrats at the time of your rally saying “Samajika Telangana”? Or when you supported KCR’s hunger strike?

One of my friend who is a hardcore fan of Chiru and a supporter of Telangana said “I will still see his and his family members films but with not the same enthusiasm, but will not take his friends to the movies at his cost(which he usually does) , and will not go late nights for the cut out work and still we will have him our heart”. And will not fight with anyone for him ( regarding star status) .Yes people like them are still living on earth. He used to make us watch all his films and tells a great deal about them, but now I don’t see him as happy as he was then.( This is just a personal example what I have seen I have given here)

There are many personalities to be discussed about but these are major and there is one more person whom we should definitely discuss in the present turmoil and I don’t like to discuss is Mr. Lagadapati Rajagopal. (Called as 290K run champion).

And I have a question for Telangana Congress leaders and Ministers is “ If you know that these many days Telangana was suppressed and was thrown backward as you say what did you do these many years? Where was all your courage? Why were you so calm?

Telangana Congress MLAs and MPs:-

And I have a question for Telangana Congress leaders and Ministers is “ If you know that these many days Telangana was suppressed and was thrown backward as you say what did you do these many years? Where was all your courage? Why were you so calm?

TDP Telangana MLAs and MPs: – Don’t just go as per your party heads decision, take your own decision. The way you people are talking seems like a script penned down by your leader.

Media: – For example a national media channel has taken the feelings and opinion of Saina Nehwal (Badminton Player). She said something which is not important. But my question is why is Media doing this? Why bringing in people who are never related to these issues. On what basis did they take her opinion? Why you are making it big? Why are you rejoicing this situation? Why you presenting your own views on the regions (the regions you come from). Why are you encouraging some advertisements (Lagadapati Rajagopal’s ADVT on TV) on TV which crate agitation among common people? Like i said why will bring people and allow them for discussions and make the situation more worse? My request is please play a moderate role in this crisis. Don’t be over excited….But one thing I can say that the media especially the local media has got good amount of profits and TRP ratings…

People who are protesting for Samaykya Andhra:-

Guys Telangana is also a part of Andhra Pradesh rite, and you are fighting for it to be united, so why you are doing protests only in Andhra Region and Rayalaseema? Why not in Telangana. And all Telangana people are asking for separate state, why some leaders have brought “Separate Andhra” state on to the picture? Anybody have clarity on what is happening. MLAs from Rayalaseema say that if not Samaykya Andhra we want greater Rayalaseema (????!@#$ %) what is happening. Is anybody having any clarity?

My Verdict: – This overall reason for all of this chaos and the turmoil is our leaders as if they would have treated everybody equally and what ever done to one region if done to all other regions this situation would never have occurred. Now why I am saying this is now its out of hands of political people – now the students are involved and people are involved. I have closely observed this whole situation all these days and realize that there is a meaningful request from Telangana region than the other regions. People say that they need to search for alternatives rather to divide state, but I say which alternative worked? (For example why 610 GO was not implemented in Telangana? Is anybody having an answer for this)? If you want to know what alternatives you have and you will find that there are nothing left, as they are all used for political advantage. The below link has gives you a clear idea. As many people said that like thieves the Home Minister has given the statement on Telangana in the mid Night – My question is – When you all accepted to Telangana then what if the decision is taken in the Night or in the Mid Afternoon.

Going cryptical about this we can have some more things we can never understand such as ” Even two of the major rivers flowing from Telangana region why there is never a project built? Why there is no Agricultural Development here and many more like these.
I would definitely blame on the Chief Ministers of this state and leaders who have played an important role in state politics and all our politicians. Why people ( from from all the regions in the state) should suffer for the mistakes done by the politicians?My question is “Tappu Evaridi?

Botton Line :-  This is my personal opinion so if you ok with what i have written  then fine, if not ignore it.

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10 Responses to Whose fault is this?( Present Situation in Andhra Pradesh…)

  1. Hersheyy says:

    Whatever you said in your blog is understandable but your replies to other ppl’s comments are little confusing!

    My take on this issue and the current situation is: It has been created by the selfish reasons of ALL the political parties that are involved. There are just a handful of people (can’t really say the leaders) care for the real development of Telangana region and the Telangana people, rest are fighting for their own selfish reasons (KCR being the first in line in the list of these).

    If the real issue is only about the development of the region, getting separated may not really solve this problem as long as the selfish ppl are in the frontline. Without dividing, they can work for the development of that region first by getting together (all the political parties that are involved) and start making some serious regulations and implementing them, or making sure they are being implemented. I know there have been many agreements made in these lines before and never being implemented, but if the Coastal Andhra leaders don’t want Telangana to go separate, they need to be honest and work towards it. I did notice that none of the politicians especially the Coastal Andhra ones never said these kinds of things (I can only wonder why!), now don’t ask me why they are not saying that! I wish I could make them say and do what they say! I often, infact very often wondered why these politicians not thinking along those lines!

    If Telangana goes separate, why only they should have Hyderabad? Sure, Hyd. was one of the best cities in India even long before, but had it been under Telangana rulers, it may not have been developed as the same way it did now. (now the so called Telangana supporters can say all they want to say about this too). But the truth is people behind Hyd city’s development (since the Independence) is not just the Telangana people, far from it, it is the people from other regions of A.P. It is a different issue that they made themselves filthy rich in that process! Now when this city is what it is now, the Telangana supporters want it all to themselves! Is it fair?

    The bottom line is: our politicians lack the motivation to develop any region that has been under developed in the state. Some smart, selfish ppl. are using this to their own interests and ppl, especially students are falling for their tricks. If anyone of our leaders really want to develop Telangana region, they can very well do it without dividing (or being separated) the state of A.P., provided they have that commitment and determination. Whoever is saying that they can develop Telangana better than the coastal Andhra region, has it been separated, who knows whether they are really going to do it or actually make the region worse than it already is? Once it is separated, the few talking ppl get a chance to deceive the poor ppl again and make themselves rich in the name of politics! That will be much worse then.

    • ramcsays says:

      @Hersheyy: One thing is KCR him self cannot help , as if he did not raise his voice there are no chances of sustaining in politics in Telangana , as the movement is not in his hands now.

      And yes i accept that the politicians are the responsible to this situation , here i have a question : As u said there should be some policies , some more extra budget to Telangana , so with these politicians is this possible? So if u say that Separating the state is it self not the solution – then i can say giving importance is also not the solution , till these crude political scenario is present in this state.

  2. paru says:

    heeyyyyyyy cool dude ur blog is very nice ant i got so many unknown issues from ur blog thanku dude ….i wish u al the best for ur fight

  3. bhargav says:

    hi brother ,
    i don know who u r(so no hard feelings), i just found ur blog while browsing, hmmm now comming to point, i completed my btech n siting in home for last 4 months so i got nothing to do other than watchin tv n internet, (iam not sure but i think u r from telangana region only, n don wanna relate it any way), i saw Mr.kcr’s interview in tv9 before the hunger strike, after that he really started hunger strike (to be frank at the end of that day itself he drank some juice or something for which the students of telangana have burnt the idls of kcr too the next morning kcr said no i havent givenup, its was given forcefully, n (if u see those vidoes all the time he is using saline) i cannot talk about credibility of hunger strike coz our great great rajgopal has did the same, lets put this political stuff aside,
    u say which is better (i mean dividing the state/ or just improving the usage of telanaga resources to develop telangana)

    n brother if u ask me i will say i want it as our andhra pradesh with some more care to telangana regions n people, n which i think i gonna happen, do u think telangana is the only region where there is poverty n poor people, n i think no there is poverty every where including telangana regions so brother(iam just 20) so brother i hope u reply with open mind as u did till now ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • ramcsays says:

      @Bhargav: Good one dude , but if you see my blog i have taken every political leader (better i call them just politicians) into question. I am talking about the issue. Why this issue came into picture? Why? Just becoz Telangana was not given importance, so that is why… so why they have not considered this?

      And my question is did any politician said that they will improve Telangana in Samaykya Andhra?? No .. everyone said that they will give Telanagana. Why – did u anytime ask this question to urself? No .. Its becoz to get votes , by this u can understand how Telanagan senti is here…

      And also when PRP said they will give Telangana, when TDP alligned with TRS, when Congress said they will Telangana, why did politicians of other regions oppose? As they did not oppose the Central Govt has declared that statement. Accept with me?

      And i ask a question – If If If If and only If HYD is considered as Union territory or capital for both the states, will this happen (oppose of Telangana)??? I want your answer honestly, this war is just for Hyd that is it… and definitely no other reason.

      And for you dude – if u ask me that Telangana is not only the state which is backward there are many other states which are backward… will u just leave it saying many other regions are backward???? Dont u think to improve? May be this is the only way ( dont know exactly if there are other options). If there are other options why did not they implement them? And why did our politicians did not mention that there are any ways? They always said that we will give Telangana???? Any answerrrrrrr????

  4. srikanth says:

    Nice post ram…
    i just want to correct you on one thing which was quoted wrongly ,about year of hunger strike by sri potti sriramulu.
    sri potti sriramulu went hunger strike in 1952 for 50 days and died, andhra rashtram (present andhra and rayalaseema regions of andhra pradesh) was formed with capital as kurnool in 1953 ,in 1956 andhra rashtram and telangana (from hyderabad state) were combined and present day Andhra Pradesh was formed.
    Many politicians from andhra region are trying to propagate(through their ads and speeches) a false notion that ‘sri potti sriramulu died for creation of andhra pradesh’ which is completely false, he fought for separate state for telugu speaking people of madras state.

    • ramcsays says:

      @Srikanth:- Thanks, and sorry for the time given wrong. I will keep as it is as ur comment will give the answer. And yes as you said Sri Potti Sriramulu strike was never related to Telangana but still we in our younger days we learn that he formed AP(which also includes Telangana). ( P.S: Nothing opposing his sacrifice)

  5. santhosh says:

    jus relax dude…everything’s gonna be alrite…i understand ur anguish over the issue…takes some time to sort out…

    • ramcsays says:

      This time its tough dude, many things have crossed their lines and everything is going really dangerous. Now its the test for the credibility of the central Govt as to how they can handle this issue.

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